Saturday, 6 August 2016



The highly-raved game has been the talk of the town for the longest time ever, with everyone anticipating the release.

Everywhere I went, it was Pokemon here, Pokemon there.

When I first installed the game, I was hit by a wave of nostalgia as the interface reminded me of my Gameboy which I used to play when I was a young kid. For a moment, my brainwaves time-traveled.
Pokemon was a hit back then, with many different version releases and I have to admit I was hooked.

In the new century, the game has now evolved cleverly.
It has made use of GPS technology which requires the gamer to catch pokemons in real life by PHYSICALLY going to places instead of a virtual walk-through.
(So you can imagine the sight of people holding their phones and walking around like wandering souls trying to search for virtual pokemons)

Talk about taking the game to another level huh.

And now comes the part that I would like to complain.
As much as I think this game is an enjoyable one for the young and old, THIS IS SUCH A ROAD HAZARD.

I don't think it is of any use that gamers were urged to be careful when playing it because I am pretty there will still be reckless people who WILL NOT LOOK OUT FOR THEIR SURROUNDINGS.
Yes, I have met a guy who was so engrossed on the phone that he did NOT lift his head for even a second and literally WALKED right into me.

And guess what?

He stared at me as though I had killed his family and had the cheek to let out a loud "TSK", clearly indicating that I was the one at fault.
Tsk what Tsk? 我没有 TSK 你,你就应该偷笑了!


Hello, do you expect people to give way to you because you are busy catching pokemons on your phone?
How about doing that on the road, make sure you don't lift your head and focus on your phone so your pokemon won't run away?
And when you collide with a car, blame it on the driver because he should have known better. 
(I don't think you are even alive by that time to blame the driver anyway)

Honestly, I won't be surprised if accident rates are higher after the release of Pokemon Go.
Not that I am trying to curse people out there, but it is the truth.
Even without Pokemon Go, youngsters were already engrossed in their phones while texting, etc.
So please, PLEASE... Lift your head and look out for what is in front of you. Lifting your head only takes a mere 1 second or less (unless your head is so heavy that you can't lift it).

And to small kids out there, please do not wander around at night with the reason to catch Pokemons.
There are weird uncles aka 怪伯伯 out there waiting to pounce on you.
Your intention is to catch Pokemons, but their intention is to catch you.
No, I am not trying to scare you... But this is a likely scenario that will happen.
And when it does, it will be too late.

I don't know why I am beginning to sound like a typical naggy mother here, but I just hope that you guys will not compromise on your personal safety while playing the game. 
I know how it feels to be engrossed, and it can get pretty scary when safety is neglected.
Do not wait until something bad to happen then regret it. 

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