Thursday, 24 November 2016

Best Job in the World? True or not?

What's possibly the best job in the world?
To be engaged in something you love, or simply just for the moolah (money)?

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What if there's an opportunity for you to do something you LOVE and yet EARN $20,000 at the same time? 

"You have got to be kidding me", I hear you say. "Is this some kind of dirty job?"

Carlsberg is currently giving you the chance to possibly hold the best job in the world and the payout is a whooping $20,000 for a mere 4 hours of work. ($5,000 per hour)

If you think it's too good to be true, then read on before deciding! 

Apparently, this is a campaign launched by Carlsberg and they are actually legitimately paying the successful applicant the amount of money that was promised! (Someone was selected as the lucky winner last year and he took home $10,000. That's even better than striking consolation prize in 4D!) 


And this year they have increased the amount to $20,000!

Most importantly, it cost NOTHING to sign up for the campaign.


- Be a Carlsberg ambassador
- Enjoy ice-cold Carlsberg during work
- Entertain your friends with probably the best beer in the world

- Zero experience (You don't have to be an avid drinker...)
- 100% Carlsberg Passion
- Able to Work for 4 hours
- Does not posess own transport (driver included!)

Job Requirements & Registration
Anyone who feels that they are the best candidate for the job can make an application at
This job is  only open to applicants aged 18 and above

Online registration (free, of course) opens on Monday November 21 and closes on Sunday December 4.

Selected finalists will be notified to attend a simple job interview on the afternoon of December 15

Of course no guarantees that you will be selected, but as long as you participate - You stand a possible chance! Never try, never know right??? The best things come unexpected. I currently do have a few friends who have participated in it as well!
It's only a day's work, so you don't have to worry about resigning from your existing job. LOL. Just think about all the honeymoon and holiday that you can go after winning the sum of money.


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  1. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity but it depends all on luck ofcourse. Not everypne can be a winner. But may be it turn out to be a jackpot. I will enter it.