Friday, 4 November 2016

My New Phone - Can you trust China brands?

OMG, it has been a really looong while since my blog was updated.
Many things have happened; and there were several that I had wanted so much to update on my blog but ended up forgetting all about it.
Anyway.. Here's a recent update that I MUST share:-
I have changed a new mobile phone!!
No, I didn't change it deliberately- but my Samsung phone somehow stopped working while I was playing Pokémon Go (I guess it was overheated). #Truestory
 In case you are wondering... No, it wasn't a Note 7.
Being a Samsung user for years, I decided to give other brands a chance.
When it comes to mobile phones, I believe the first two brands that popped into everyone's minds would be either "Apple" or "Samsung".
I had wanted an Apple, but it is undeniably PRICEY.
Nope. Not within my budget.
*strikes off the list*
Will it explode? Kidding.
I felt many of Samsung phones are quite similar.
I wanted to try something different.
*strikes off the list*
I went online to research on other brands.
It was then that I spotted OPPO.
I was not really familiar with the brand, although I have heard of it.
It was said that this phone is one of the BEST selfie phones in the market.
Did anyone say SELFIES?!?
Now it has definitely caught my attention.
Not only that, the brand has a tagline that goes (I am sure many of you have heard this before as their advertisements are everywhere in cinemas as well)
(Translation: Charge for 5 minutes, chat for 2 hours)
Really meh?! Too good to be true or not?!?!
Online reviews were surprisingly good  - and I spent a whole night researching on it.
And the next day...
I settled on an OPPO R9.
There were people who commented that the design and user interface (UI) is a knockoff from Apple iPhones, which I admit it sure does look like an Apple from a distance.
Even the available colours are close enough - Rose pink and gold.
I don't really care about that though - as long as the phone serves its purpose.
Yes, so what if it's a China brand - not all China phones are bad, right??
Although I do agree to a certain extent that China is good at imitations, but it does not stop me from giving some of their products the benefit of doubt.
I know some of you have been wanting to know my opinions about the phone ever since I've gotten it and whether it is REALLY good, here is my verdict:-
(No, OPPO did not pay me money to say this)
1) Is it really one of the best selfies phone in the market?
YES, YES and YES. (In my opinion)
 I was seriously amazed by the quality of its camera. In fact, its front camera has even higher pixels than its back camera! Not only that, it came equipped with a beauty function as well that makes my complexion glow (Okay, that gives me a fake sense of confidence because I do have bad dark eye circles in real life... but the results of the pictures sure are satisfying! In fact, many of my friends have tried using my phone for selfies and were quite tempted to get one for themselves)
This was taken under extreme dim lighting in a karaoke room:-
(It seems to have auto brightness control!)
2) Is "充电五分钟通话两小时" true???
 (Translation: Charge for 5 minutes, chat for 2 hours)
It sounded too good to be true initially, but it didn't fail to amaze me on this one.
OPPO has its own VOOC flash charging system that will get your smartphone to 75% of battery with a thirty-minute charge.
I used to charge my ex-mobile phones overnight (which can be quite dangerous), but I did not have to worry about that one when it comes to my OPPO phone.
I AM SERIOUSLY TAKEN ABACK by how fast it can charge my phone to full bar within a short time span.
At first, I did not believe that the battery will be lasting since it charges so fast.
I was proven wrong.
It lasted me even longer than my older phones - which means that I can go a FULL day without charging.
(Note: I am a HEAVY phone user)
(Extra Note: In order to enable the fast-charging mode, I have to use their own proprietary cable in which it comes as a set with the phone. I can still use normal USB cables to charge it too, just that it will only be at normal speed.)
It takes EXCESSIVE usage in order for the battery to drain to 0%.
Of course, the phone is still pretty new currently and I am not sure if this standard will maintain for long - I'll keep that under review for now! 
3) Does the phone lag or have overheating issues?
So far, the speed has been pretty satisfying for me. It only lags if I am excessively using it, but it works really wonderfully most of the times!
As for overhearing issues, it did not really heat up much unless I was running many applications at a time.
(I downloaded an app to clear background running applications to keep it cool, so everything has been pretty great)
4) What are some of the cons? I mean, it certainly does have bad points right?
Yes, of course we can't have the best of both worlds.
One thing I find disappointing is that the battery is an in-built one. (non-removable). I always feel unsafe about batteries that cannot be removed.
If the phone is spoilt, there is no option to purchase a new battery for replacement.
It will mean going to its service centre. (But mine comes with a 2 year warranty)
Also, its dual SIM card slot and memory card slot share the same position. In other words, it means that if you decide to use it as a dual SIM card phone, then you will not be able to insert an external memory card into it.
You have to choose your preference.
Other than that, the phone is pretty worthy of its price!
I got it at $440 online from Carousell.
I was lucky to met the seller who happens to be an owner of a mobile phone/gadget store and he gave me additional perks! He threw in 2 free casings (which are worth approximately $10 each), new tampered glass screen protector (which he was kind enough to paste it for me) and original accessories + unused warranty.
Although it is considered a second-hand phone since it has been used, but it was in an almost near-perfect condition as the previous owner had only used it for 3 months.
I am totally in love of how my OPPO looks!
(My friend, Si Ling, gave me a gold-colored signature of Michael Jackson that I could use to paste it on my phone.
Thank you, Ling!)

And this is how it looks like with the casing on.
(This casing was one of the two that the seller had given to me!)

I am not helping OPPO to advertise in any way by posting this, but just purely sharing my thoughts as a OPPO R9 user.
Oh, by the way.... I actually dropped my phone on the floor and into a toiletbowl accidentally...
It survived.
I hope it helps anyone who happens to chance upon my blog while researching on the phones!
Till then, do stay tuned for more posts coming up!


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