Sunday, 7 January 2018

[Sad news] Closure of Daiso in VivoCity

When I first heard of the news, my first reaction was...

"This has got to be a joke, right?"

Honestly, I thought all the online news were nothing but a clickbait.

But.. It turned out that it was true. 

(Image credit to: Goodyfeed)

I was dumfounded for a full whole minute.

In case you are wondering why I am so affected by this piece of unexpected news, it is because I have a deep connection towards this particular Daiso branch.

I somehow do not wish to show this unglamorous photo and never have I expected that this would be the only picture that I can retain the memory of VivoCity's Daiso.

Yes, I used to work at Daiso during my younger days (not that I am very old now either...) - but this was taken approximately more than 8 years ago.

AND yes, the main branch that I was attached to was the soon-to-close-down Daiso at VivoCity.
During those days, I have went through moments of anger, happiness, sadness... 

Pardon the blurry photo, this was taken when technology was not that advanced then.

I made a few new friends and gained experiences as a part-time sales assistant. 
I will never forget how I was so comfortable with the store layout that I could almost memorise where the stocks were located.
I did not earn much then, but I was contented with my life. I felt productive that I was actually doing something and earning money for my parents and myself.

Now that I have fully transitioned into adulthood, my workplace was surprisingly near VivoCity and it became one of my to-go stores during lunch hours.
Whenever I organised events for my department, Daiso would always be my saviour. 

From gift ideas to decorations, Daiso has it all.

And YES, I know there are many other branches in Singapore but I guess it will never be the same for me after the one at VivoCity has closed down.

To me, it holds memories.
A companion since my student days.

It's hard to see it go, but I guess it's a Goodbye for now. :(
Thank you, VivoCity's Daiso... For being my great saviour most of the times.


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  3. Yes, the news hit me hard too Daiso Vivo was one of my favourite branch, it was so covenant to pop upstairs after a movie or lunch/dinner date. Now that Temt has closed down at Vivo city as well there is not much of a reason for me to travel all the way down anymore sobs.

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