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Updates on Chemical Peeling - June 2018

It has been a long time since my last update on my chemical peeling process.

And I am here to debunk some of the myths surrounding chemical peeling.

I've received enquiries about chemical peeling and I thought it would be good to address them here from my perspective! I do hope it will be helpful/useful to many out there who are having doubts of the procedure.

1) How long have you been doing chemical peeling? Are there any side effects?

Answer: I think I have been doing chemical peeling treatment for the past... 4 years?! You may refer to my posts over the years. And yes, I am still with Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetic and Hair Clinic. (Seriously, she has gotta be the most friendliest doctor around!).
As for side effects, there isn't any (based on my own personal opinion). The only "side effects" I've gotten were rosy cheeks right after the procedure with a slight burning sensation, which is completely  normal! (It means that the chemical peeling is working its magic on your skin!) And the sensation only lasted for a good old 10 minutes at most.

2) Is it painful during the procedure? Don't you feel any form of pain, ever?

Answer: No. Like what I've mentioned above, the only feeling I've felt was a slight prickly burning sensation. It is totally bearable for me (I don't have a very high pain threshold, by the way) So, don't worry at all!

3) Did you really experience your skin "falling off" after the procedure?

Answer: Now that sounds funny..  Haha. No, I did not experience any skin peeling after the procedure. I remembered there was once or twice I did see white-colored tiny scabs on my face, but they were so minimal that I was not sure if those were resulted from chemical peeling. Nonetheless, I did not really bother about it. However, results vary for individuals. If you happen to experience skin peeling, just don't touch or peel anything from your face!

4) Does it take a long time for the chemical peeling process?

Answer: No, it's VERY fast. Before you even realise it, you are pretty much done! It will be around 15 - 20 minutes. It won't take up much of your time, which is a bonus point for busy individuals! In addition, they go by appointment basis, so you will be allocated a time slot.

5) Is there anything that you have to avoid after the procedure?

Answer: I guess it's only the sunlight for the time being? But no worries even if you have to go out under the sun. Just apply ample sunblock! The lovely staff at Dr Tyng Tan clinic will put on sunblock for you after the procedure and you can carry on your daily activities.

6) Do your pimples/acne/scars really disappear, like forever???

Answer: In all honesty, nothing is forever. Chemical peeling is effective in keeping your pimple and acne under control. At the same time, it diminishes existing scars (but you may have to go through a few sessions to see the evident results.) I do still experience new breakouts (but that is due to my laziness in removing make-up at times and hormonal changes during menstruation). However, I can definitely vouch that my condition is way better than before. I used to have full of pimples all over my forehead but they are all under control now, except for a few pop-outs here and there sometimes. 

Here was an old pic... You will be amazed.

Image result for chemical peeling sgcomplainqueen

And this is an after-photo (Pardon the CUI face but I am just trying to show the effects on my forehead!) TOTALLY NO EDITING OR FILTER HOR.

Image result for chemical peeling sgcomplainqueen

7) Am I suitable for chemical peeling?

Answer: Honestly, this depends on each individual. Dr Tan will be accessing your skin condition during the consultation stage prior to any procedure being carried out. So no worries on that part. Based on her professionalism, she will be able to offer you the best advice as each person has different skin type and condition. You will be in good hands for sure! If you are interested in a consultation, do feel free to refer to the below details. (BONUS: Quote my blog sgcomplainqueen for a waiver of consultation fees!) 

That's basically Part 1 of my answers to FAQs. Should you have any other questions, you can feel free to  e-mail me and I will try my best to answer you if I can! 

Details of the clinic:

Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic
391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #08-04, Singapore 238873
Enquiry Hotline: +65 6235 0010

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