Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shocking news: Costa Concordia sinks

I was shocked when I read the news that an Italian Cruise, Costa Concordia, sunk. It was just like a re-run of Titanic (which our local newspapers termed it as a "pirated" version of Titanic) Of course, Titanic was involved with the collision of an iceberg, unlike Coasta Concordia, which involved a rock.

What's freaky was the date when it sunk.

Yeah. Friday the 13th.
(Coincidence? Or does this date really live up to its superstition?)

And it was said that those passengers were snatching life jackets amongst themselves. (Yeah, gone are the days about giving in.) The situation wasn't handled in an orderly manner at all.
(That's one of the reasons why I really salute the crew and passengers of Titanic. The captain actually placed a "woman and children first" rule when it sunk, despite the fact that he was well aware there would be sacrifices.)

I managed to find an amateur video captured by one of the passengers on board the ship, and I am sure you will be able to "sense" the panic that was happening there at those moments:

And this was how the ship looked like before the accident took place. This was actually captured last month, and I am sure she is feeling "lucky" that she hadn't gone on the trip this month. (Look at the date this video was uploaded and you will get what I mean.)

It was said that 3 bodies were recovered from the wreck. :( It's really saddening. Those tourists had wanted to go on a trip, but ended up losing their lives.
I'm having second thoughts about boarding ships now at the moment. This is too much to bear! :(

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