Saturday, 14 April 2012

[100th Anniversary] RMS Titanic

100 years ago today, RMS Titanic sank into the deep sea and became a part of history. Over 1500 lives were lost, and they were greatly remembered up till this day.

I have been asked, "Why are you such a Titanic lover?"

Well... ...I love Titanic because of its history, beauty and how majestic it looked. People were confident that it would never, ever sink.

Reality hurts. It really does.

As a Titanic and Art lover myself, I had came up with my own tribute. My framed art piece.
(Thanks to Shaw Online, my digital art was chosen and I came in 3rd for their online Titanic drawing contest!)
I was totally over the moon as I didn't expect that.
The bracelet pictured below with my art piece is one of the prizes. I totally love it, as its an iconic item featured in the Titanic movie, called "Heart of the Ocean". (I believe Titanic movie fans out there will find it familiar!)

A close-up of the pendant: (I totally love the word "Titanic" carved on it)

It's original, of course! ^__^

I was given other items as well, and I shall share them with you here!

The beautiful Titanic mini poster, that will definitely go into my collection.

An IMAX 2GB thumbdrive~ :) Just what I needed.

IMAX mug. (Sorry for the blurriness.)

Totally love the prizes.

Thanks once again, Shaw Online!
I definitely had a "Titanic-stic" year. I'm heading off to the Titanic exhibition in a few hours' time, and I simply can't wait what is/are in store for me.
I'm so gonna' take lots of photos and share them when I'm back. Titanic TTM! <3

And before I go, here's a cartoon I had done up just yesterday (for entertainment purpose only!)~
If you have watched the movie, you'll know what this is. *winks*

For more of my cartoons, do feel free to head on to: . "LIKE" the page if you can, so you'll always be updated of my new work!

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