Tuesday, 17 April 2012

[OMY.sg Bloggers' Review] P.O.V Preview screening! :)

Thanks to Omy.sg,  I got the opportunity to attend the preview screening for the latest Japanese horror movie, P.O.V , at Shaw Preview Theatre! *jumps in glee*
 As a HUGE horror fanatic, this was definitely something to look forward to. (I always love me some good scares!)

I found this P.O.V poster on the electronic display and quickly snapped a photo of it:

The exclusive Preview Theatre is located at Shaw Centre (It's small, but so Oh-My-God cosy!). Coincidentally, this was my 2nd visit to Shaw Centre in a week (I was here to collect my Titanic prizes just a few days before). I'm loving Shaw more and more now. *Aww*

Ok, I guess this suits the mood for a horror movie? LOL.

  As I was allowed to bring a guest along with me, I brought Miao along. Well... I guess we were too excited for the movie that we reached one hour earlier. (Lol)

Inside Shaw Centre

                     It was our first time inside the exclusive theatre (that I guess is normally not accessible to public), and it sure did feel like a personal theater!

We totally love, love, LOVE the comfy seats (I could even spread my legs WIDE without feeling stressed that the person sitting beside me will hate me for it. LOL) And not to mention that the seats are so soft and cosy.

Took this photo while in the theater with my unique camera mode. 
YEAH. Totally loving the effects.

(LOL, look at Miao's expression. Hahaha!!!)

My Movie Review!:

P.O.V is a movie that doesn't feel like an actual movie. It'll come to a point when you forget that there is a director filming it. Everything seems like its shot off a handheld camera (And yes, its so freaking' realistic), and I felt like I was witnessing those paranormal events right before me. 
There are even details such as sounds being cut off, camera shaking and dropping, etc. It is just like you are watching it from the screen of a personal digital camera! 
Although the whole film is in the Japanese language, there are English and Chinese subtitles. No problem about that. This action-packed movie will have you gripping onto your seats the same. 

No doubt that some parts of the movie are draggy, but that was what made everything more "real" in a way. (Okay, why am I having a deeja vu while I'm typing this??) 
And OHH, not to mention that the director has an obvious sense of humor as he managed to "trick" us into thinking that the movie had ended with those credits rolling. I remembered myself going, "What the heck? It ended just like that??!"

But well... I spoke too soon...
Those credits were actually a "movie-within-a-movie" kind, and we were actually watching it on the screen of what the characters in the movie were watching on theirs. (Sounds confusing?? You will definitely understand what I mean after you watched the movie yourself!) 

Personally, I've never watched movies that are filmed in such a style before. It's unique in a way. Be prepared to be caught off guard by the sudden loud sounds or screaming in the movie when you least expect it.

Movie rating: 3.5/5
Is it worth to watch: Yes, if you are a fan of Horror movies!

Do keep a lookout as this movie will be officially released in Shaw theatres on 26th April 2012

Thanks, OMY.SG and Shaw once again for the wonderful opportunity in having me as one of the invited bloggers for the preview!

I'll hope to look look forward to more in the future! ^__^

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