Monday, 23 April 2012

100th Anniversary @ Titanic Exhibition - ArtScience Museum!


(We specifically chose this date because it's the Anniversary!)
Yes, the TITANIC Exhibition that's located at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), ArtScience Museum.

For those who are wondering, the Titanic exhibition is a "travelling exhibit" that goes around the world to share stories of the incident that touched the hearts of many.
Singapore is lucky enough to be one of their travelling stops, and what's more - They are here on the 100th Anniversary.

AND AS A TITANIC FAN, how could I miss that?! :)

Now, enjoy the visual tour as I shall let the photos do the talking.
(Unfortunately, photography and filming weren't allowed in the museum. But I'll try to share as many photos taken from the "safe zone" area as possible! =p )

The "boarding passes" that were issued to us.
(We are now the "passengers" of the ship!)

We actually topped up an additional $5 to enter their small theatre to catch "Ghost of the Abyss". We were given a "Titanic" souvenir as well! (Check it out in the later pics)

Look at our ticket stubs! Hahaha.

Probably just for the Anniversary period, these few actors were hired for photo ops!
And they were so nice to pose for me when they realized I was attempting to take their photo. Hee.
(Is that guy on the left portraying the character of "Jack Dawson" from the Titanic movie???)

Playing with the different modes.. Fun!

I hope we do not look like we just came out of a Horror movie =_="

Trying to pose with the "Titanic" carton boxes. Lol.

So, photos are prohibited. But we sneaked. You can't tell where this was taken anyway.

And this is the souvenir we received from the museum gift store!
A "White Star Line" badge. Love it, love it, love it!
They have other badges as well, and I do wish to collect all of them!!

Look what I bought for myself. A Titanic bag!
I'm usually not those type that will go for museum souvenirs as I think its a waste of money, but probably my love for Titanic is too strong that I just couldn't give this up!
Anyway, a 100th Anniversary won't happen again for the second time. It's now or never. I believe this can't be found in any stores anymore in time to come!

A happy little me:

Took this shot from a poster.
NICE right?!?! Too bad my camera doesn't produce those high-end quality photos.

And believe it or not, I actually returned to MBS the following week for a casual "Titanic" photoshoot. Hahaha, its a crazy month of Titanic for me.

If you are a buff like me as well, do go visit the exhibit at ArtScience Museum from now till 29th April 2012! (OH MAN, only 5 more days left!)

It's NOW or NEVER.

And no, you are not gonna' regret the this. You do not need to be a Titanic fan to experience this breathtaking exhibit.
What you will be seeing in the exhibit are REAL objects belong to the REAL passengers. No, there won't be any Jack Dawson or Rose here.


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