Friday, 10 August 2012

Mr Lee Kuan Yew shall live to a ripe old age, whether YOU like it or NOT

If Karma really exists, I am sure some people are getting it.
Look at what some of those people posted about our dearest Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

(Believe me, I felt so infuriated after seeing these posts.)

Speaking of Disrespect.

Mushroom posted: "How long more will LKY stay alive so that we can have a punching bag to scold? Surely we don't want to scold the dead."

What the HECK?!!

You should be ashamed of yourself! Who are you to call him a punching bag?! Please take a good look at yourself and get a reality check on your status before spouting such outrageous remarks. 
Even if you dislike him, do at least show him some basic RESPECT. 
It's just basic human morale. (Oh wait, probably this person doesn't even have it.)

And this apparently had me burning with fury
I believe anyone in the right mind will feel the same as me!

What's with the cursing?
I can't believe some people actually WISHED for his death publicly! Why are those posts even allowed to remain? 

Come on, let's face it.
Mr Lee Kuan Yew is undoubtedly the founding father of Singapore. You can't change what was already in the History books.

Without him, do you really think that Singapore will be how it is NOW? 

Without him, do you really think we will even have the chance to celebrate National Day?

Do you know how much of an impact this great man had on this nation that had changed our destiny forever?

Even if you dislike him, can't you at least have a bit of decency to RESPECT what this great guy had done for us AND Singapore? 

You have NO IDEA how much he contributed TO Singapore.

You have NO IDEA how much he went through just FOR Singapore.

All you know is just to pull him down and curse him and his entire family.
Does he even deserve it in the first place?
Why can't people just keep their mouths shut and keep the opinions to themselves?
 There is no need to make your existence or presence known by making such comments. You are just generating bad karma for yourself eventually.

Seriously, put yourself in his shoes. Will you like it if someone curse you and YOUR family publicly? 
If you don't, then why are you behaving like a 3-year-old and posting such ignorant comments?
(Oh, maybe I'm wrong... A 3-year-old might even have a higher level of intelligence than you)

No amount of gratitude can we thank Mr Lee Kuan Yew for what we have today.
You can choose not to thank him, but YOU can't deny that he isn't a noble person.

YOU can't deny that he has helped shape Singapore in so many ways - for the better.

He, 88 years old, is still standing strong and maintaining his health in a state of PINK for Singapore.
And I am sure he shall live to a ripe old age, whether you like it or not. :)

Here's a picture that I love so much: (It's going viral on Facebook and I'm just posting it here.)

If you dislike Singapore as a whole, you can jolly well scram to another place and not to be heard of again.

You are just biting and tearing apart the hand that feeds you.

Definitely not welcome here.