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[Event Invite] Lenovo Yoga Media Launch

With the kind invitation from the awesome folks at Yolk, I attended the Lenovo Yoga Media Launch on 30th October 2012 held @ The Pod (National Library).

What's a Lenovo Yoga, you say?
No no, it is not something for Yoga masters. You do not need to know how to do Yoga to use it. (LOL)

You'll find out pretty soon as you read on!

The media launch was held at this grand-looking but cosy place. 

I really, really love the breath-taking view of the venue!! I have a strange fetish for scenery. 

A sneak peek at what would be unveiled!

Look at the set-up of this place! I was enjoying my time sitting on those chairs while playing around with the new gadgets.

The sporty host that volunteered to let me take a photo of him. #coolness
Yes, looking cool bro! ;)

Soon, the media launch officially began and here's introducing you the IdeaPad Yoga, in which celebrity Nat Ho was there to demonstrate and express his love for the device too!

Striking a cool pose with the device?

The funny part when he slotted his arm through and told us that we could actually hang it on our arm like a bathroom towel.

Convert it into a tablet within seconds? No problem!

There isn't any reason for you NOT to love it!

The world's first multi-mode Ultrabook with 360 degrees flip design, the IdeaPad Yoga 13 provides users with the ultimate flexibility between work and play.

Infused with the powerful 3rd generation Intel Core processors and powered by Windows 8, Yogo 13 provides laptop-grade performance to get work done all day even as users are on the move.
Users can even gesture to flip through photos using it's special Motion Control technology or simply use their fingers on the ten point multi-touch screen!

Super slim 16.9 mm frame! :)

Concerned about the weight and battery life?
Fret not as it only weighs 1.54 kg with 8 hours of battery life!
Photos, videos and websites look stunning on its 13.3-in high definition IPS display, which provides bright background and vivid colors.
I did a hands-on with Yoga 13 too, and was most impressed.

So much that I actually started to watch Gangnam Style MV on it. =_= (Someone actually gave me a look of horror as he walked past. LOL)
BUT Hey, its really clear in resolution!!

It's the YOGA style now! ;) *winks*

I watched a short but CUTE video introducing the IdeaPad Yoga, and captured some shots which I felt I must share here!:

Using it horizontally:


Scrolling and navigating through web pages is a breeze:

 I love this portion of the video! It features the outline of an adult and kid playing the famous fish game on the device. That looks like fun :)

Entertainment never stops.

Even kids love Windows 8 (Haha) :)

And yes, that's WINDOWS 8 for YOU! :)

There are actually 2 different models for the Yoga series, Yoga 11 and Yoga 13.
With a 11.6-in screen, Yoga 11 is the smaller screen counterpart of Yoga 13 and also the world's slimmest multi-mode PC - measuring at just 15.6 mm thin!
Be amazed by its 13 hour battery life (Imagine how many videos you can watch! LOL). On fop of that, it is equipped with NVIDIA Tegra 3 - enabling users to watch movies in HD, play games, get connected and stay productive virtually all day long.

Both Yoga 13 and 11 can be used in two other modes in addition to laptop and tablet. Convert them to Stand (this mode resembles a picture frame) by flipping the keyboard behind the screen to comfortably watch movies or view pictures up close, or bend them upright like a tent (Tent mode resembles a tent) to bring games or video chats to life!
It's that easy.

Both comes with the choice of either orange or corporate-looking grey color!
(I would 100% get mine with that awesome shade of orange. It happens my favorite color, no kidding!!)

Someone built a "Yoga Pyramid", and I took the opportunity to take a photo of it.
Stylo milo!

Pricing and Availability:

The IdeaPad Yoga 13(Intel Core i7 processor) will be available in mid November with prices starting from SGD 1,899, while the IdeaPad Yoga 11 will be available in early December starting from SGD 1,199. Both products are currently available for pre-order. (So what are you waiting for??!)

What's more... ...

Lenovo is partnering with Singtel to offer an exclusive edition of the IdeaPad Yoga 13 (intel Core i5 processor priced at $1,700) with every sign-up of Singtel 150 Mbps Fibre Broadband at $98 per month or 15 Mbps Home Broadband at $79.90 per month)

TA-DA! Coming up next is another favorite of mine... 
ThinkPad Twist S230u 

You must be kidding if you think this is just any other ordinary laptop.

Opening it, it does look normal.

But definitely not when you begin to... ..

 Twist It. 
(Yeah, 360 degrees baby!)

And when I say rotating it in 360 degrees, I mean it.
Let me twist that thing for you.

You can watch your movies or do your online shopping at any angle you want, even in the most awkward position! 

I bent it and it went flat - literally (I don't know who the hell will use this position to watch movies LOL, but I am just going to show you the possibilities and flexibility of this precious little thing!)

And most importantly, it is implemented with the latest Windows 8. (In fact, all of the latest release by Lenovo are in Windows 8!)
It sure does need some getting used to (because there isn't any usual START button which any Windows user loves so much), but you will grow to like it as you play around with it more.
Nothing beats having to explore it yourself, so do give it a chance even if you hate it.
You'll be surprised.

And oh, did I mention that it's a touch-screen too?
Let me demonstrate:

Point your finger to the right and pause for a bit. Yes, the secret to pull the hidden bar out is revealed!

I tested the response of this gadget (Some touch screens tend to be slow when it comes to reacting to your touch.) 

And it passed the test!

I was VERY impressed because I would usually face problems with touch screen devices as my finger isn't always detected (Funny, but true story).
But this has reacted to my touch - in an amazingly fast manner!

I got so excited that I actually spent time doing this =_="

It sure is an ideal choice for any Technology lover/follower. I mean,where else can you get a device that can be BOTH an ordinary laptop and tablet at the same time?
And don't forget that it can ROTATE in such an impressive 360 degrees angle, too!

The ThinkPad Twist S230u makes it easy to choose one affordable device that can do it all.
Business use or personal use?
The 12.5-in device will cater you both. :)

 It features up to 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processors, Windows 8 Pro, large storage up to 500 GB and the ThinkPad's legendary keyboard, quality and reliability features.
Worry not as it is equipped with a nearly all-day battery life!

You will be getting way more worthy benefits than what you pay for.
If you are someone who is particular about a positive multimedia experience, you will NOT want to miss out on this as it has a high definition IPS display and stereo speakers.

The ThinkPad Twist S230u is already available today with prices starting from SGD 1,699! :)

Possibilities just seem to be endless on the device.

Another latest release from Lenovo which I didn't get the chance to play around with during the launch  BUT looks awesome as well is the Versatile ThinkPad Tablet 2.

(Photo in courtesy of

If you are considering on a tablet, this may probably be one of your ideal choices.

 The ThinkPad Tablet 2, also designed for Windows 8 and powered by Intel Atom Processor was unveiled alongside the new convertibles. The versatile tablet lets users work at their productive best with options for multi-finger touch support, pen input or the ability to connect to the optional Thinkpad Tablet 2 keyboard and dock for a PC-like computing experience. 

The tablet includes a host of IT manageability, security and corporate-level service and support to help IT managers easily deploy in their business environments.

Do check it out when you have the chance!!

The ThinkPad Tablet 2 will be available in mid December with prices starting from SGD 899.

A random shot of myself enjoying the experience. LOL.

The latest release from Lenovo is just bound to WOW.

Flip, Flex, Bend and Twist..

The Lenovo survived it all.

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