Friday, 2 November 2012

[Video Advertorial] SG Complain Queen @ Boss Cafe Singapore!

My apologies to all for the delayed video (there were issues with the video clips!) which I promised on my earlier POST.

The Giveaways had ended and vouchers were fully given away. (Thanks for the support and I do hope you enjoyed the drinks and fantastic service rendered by the bosses at Boss Cafe Singapore!)

The nice bosses offered me the exclusive opportunity to make my very own milk tea, and all are being captured on video just for you readers out there!

I am not really good at video editing, so pardon the poor quality. Well, I tried.

I have no idea why the heck Youtube must pick my most unglam moment as my video thumbnail (I tried editing it, but it just wouldn't change!)

It's seriously ugly, gosh.

Here, for your viewing pleasure. I actually screwed up my tea, but there are still many funny moments nonetheless!

I can't watch this video more than 2 times. I get all cheesy listening to my own voice and seeing myself  in action on camera. I guess I am not the only one in this world who has a phobia of that! Haha.

Special thanks to Abrial a.k.a Ah Miao for the kind assistance in making this video possible by being the ever-so-ready cameragirl. You rock, girl!

And of course, THANKS TO ALL THE BOSSES AT BOSS CAFE for having me!
(They have a website too! Do visit them at

You are spared from all complaints by the SG COMPLAIN QUEEN. Haha. ;)

If you are tempted to try their specialty, do drop by:

Boss Café Singapore

Blk 720 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-4104
Ang Mo Kio, Singapore 560720
(It's next to AMK Polyclinic and opposite of Jubilee Sq)


  1. Hahahah, damn cute la u! LOL. 4 times of 25% sugar!!!!! Ok can! LOLOL.

    1. LOL! Hahaha ya lor. I even tried to drink it seh~ Not for humans one. HAHAHA...!!! xD~