Saturday, 24 November 2012

Singapore Tour!

I was so freaking excited when I had the opportunity to tour Singapore for sight-seeing. 

Yes, I am a Singaporean.

Yes, I have been living in Singapore for the past 23 years...

But SO WHAT?!?! 
*flaps hands in an agitated manner*

Being a tourist in my own country is a totally new and different experience altogether! In fact, I was so hyped over the experience, even till now.

Seriously, this memorable trip will forever be etched in my heart as it was a real eye-opener. I have known Singapore to be beautiful (not that I am thick-skinned but its the truth), but little did I expect that the night scenery could make me go speechless.
The photos you are about to see in this entry may not be enough to convince you, so I urge you to try it yourself if you have the chance. Nothing beats personal experience eh. ;)

Pictures may speak a thousand words, but definitely not enough to describe the emotions I was going through during the journey.
I love you, Singapore!!

We began our first stop at Clarke Quay for the Hippo River Cruise:

While waiting for the departure time, both Abrial and I walked around Clarke Quay... and we were amazed by the Christmas atmosphere.

Look at those lights! =D

Looking like snow?
They were actually bubbles blown from a machine! :)
Aww.. It was like a fairytale effect.

That's us trying to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere. LOL.
I think I look old with the glasses on =_=  (but I had no choice cos I had a bad make-up day!)

Abrial with the bubbles. LOL.

And weee~ my turn!!

Heading for departure at 8.30pm:

People from different countries on board:
(A couple from Japan was sitting beside me and I was totally irritated by the lady as she was drinking a can of beer AND coughing - Damn, her carbon dioxide flew to my face. She should at least watch her breath! #(*$)($#$(#*$)

Peaceful, peaceful night~

Don't underestimate the night city of Singapore.

I just have to post these photos because they are so beautiful!

Look what I captured. #whattheheck!!
A guy was actually posing and looking towards my direction!
Eh, you think you are some sexy superstar izzit??!


The Fullerton Hotel at night ~

Somebody tell me this is not a ghost.

So freaking beautiful.

Randomly stalked another boat:

Yes, yes. We are nearing the Esplanade!

What a fascinating sight!

Now it seemed as though we were traveling in a time machine:

Aloha~ I am your friendly tour guide for today. LOL

We alighted before we reached our final destination (what a pity!) due to the fact that we had to rush for the SG Flyer ride.
Yes, it's our next stop!

LOL at our tourist passes.

Damn, the SG Flyer seemed so near from where we alighted from the boat but yet we had to walk quite a distance before reaching the giant wheel.
(We stopped for ice-cream in the midst of walking, so it wasn't that bad actually. LOL)

Can you recognize the design on the wheel??! It's Santa and his reindeers!
It was a fascinating sight to see the design on the wheel at night.

And the color changes as well!

Journey of Dreams - Singapore Flyer - Preflight gallery.
It was like a sort of tunnel that you will have to go through before reaching the boarding platform.

I love this part best. Now, that is what I really call a "Time Travel" effect! Hahaha.

From a beautiful shade of red:

to a striking blue:

I remembered this ball that is made up of solely recycled materials! 

A random decoration that I thought it rocks:

Okay, finally we were nearing the platform:

The time machine that is gonna' take us to another Dynasty.

Up, up and away~~

Pardon my messy hair and just focus on my ukulele!

I bought this Paris bear from an Orchard flea. Cute not?!?! 
It is a blessed bear because it had the opportunity to sit in the Flyer! 

Now you can see we are really high up~

Hi, you:

Abrial commented that this photo looks like one that is taken during Halloween cos of the window effect. LOL. It is not really an effect, but cos' it rained!

Hello, Artscience museum.

It is not an everyday thing that I will get to experience such a sight, so I took photos like there was no tomorrow. LOL.

Abrial's classic look:

Beautiful lady spotted 

The lonely streets at night:


Home sweet Home!

I am so proud to call you my home, you little beautiful country!!
I hope to tour you again! :D


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