Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hello to all you humans out there.
My name is Bingo.

And I hijacked my owner's account.
It is my first time blogging, so please pardon me. 
I have seen my owner doing it, and I think I am a pretty fast learner.

Well... I am a puppy. 
Er... ... not really. Actually, I am just a soft toy that resembles a puppy.

My owner never fails to say I am cute when all I did was just staring at her.
And damn - She started aiming a black object towards my direction. That object frightens me because it has the ability to shoot out lightning.

She said it is called a "camera".

You know... My owner just bought an ukulele (I think it sounds so funny!) and she always forces me to listen to her playing Justin Bieber's "Baby".
It goes like this,
"And I was like... Baby, baby.. Baby.. Ooh!"

I always frown when I hear it. Can someone please tell her that her ukulele skills sucks?

On a random note, I was so happy a few days ago because I caught a mouse!
My owner seemed satisfied. Maybe I should catch more mice for her next time whenever I see one.
(Thanks to my owner's phone application, I look so PURPLE. Oh damn.)

I have a new bunch of furry friends whom I see them as my "seniors":
This is just a fun photo that my owner took of us. Apparently, not everyone of us enjoy taking photos as you can see.
Yes, my owner does have a messy room. *rolls eyes*

This is the first time I feel so loved. :)
You know, I am actually a soft toy inspired from a real dog known as Boo.
(That is why I came with an expensive price tag, but my stingy owner couldn't resist my cuteness and brought me to the cashier!)

She hugs me every morning and tucks me to sleep at night. 
I hope she doesn't tell people that she does such silly things... 
But oops... ... I think I just posted this to the whole world.
You better keep this to yourself, okay?
I am going to sign off now and hope she doesn't see this blog post ever. =D
Good night, world!

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