Saturday, 1 December 2012

[Advertorial] GlamPuss

It is a known fact that I LOVE accessories.

Yes, I have many kinds of accessories - ranging from bracelets, necklaces, chokers... Well, you name it.
So imagine my delight when the pretty owner, Daphy, from GlamPuss invited me to do an advertorial for her online store, in which she has kindly sponsored me 2 items of my choice.

(The logo design appeals to me so much cos' it has an image of a CAT! =D People have always known me as a cat person.. Hahaha)

Here's a photo of the package when I received it in the mail (Pardon the crumpled lines as those were caused by the mail transition) :

I love the stamp that states "FRAGILE Handle with care"! (Daphy had it custom-made for her store! Aww...)

Look at the back of the envelope as well - The GlamPuss specialized stamp!
I have actually "stolen" this photo from Daphy (with permission, of course!) as she took a photo before mailing it to me. Unfortunately, I am unable to capture mine due to the fact that the stamp inking was affected by the rain during mail transition. :(
(It was inevitable since it had been raining cats and dogs last week.. So I guess I can't totally blame the postman too. Ah well~)

I really appreciate the effort with the bubble-wrap! It was really very perfectly done to ensure that the items would not be affected during mail transition.
(Despite the after-rain condition the envelope came in, the items remain as how they originally were - thanks to the awesome wrap!)

The "Gold Phantom" necklace that I had chosen:
(It is even more beautiful than I imagined!)

In packaging:

The elements of mystery and elegance:

Totally not edited with Photoshop or any software; I am shooting the necklace as it is according to how it appears in reality!
The combination of gold and silver goes really well together, don't you think so?

GlamPuss was so sweet to drop me another surprise - with a "You've got mail" birdie ring, too!
I am totally digging the ring because it has a dangling envelope by its 'beak' that adds on to the cuteness (You'll be able to see a much clearer photo in later part of this post )

And there was a handwritten note as well.
I was really touched by the gesture and effort! *sobs*

Excitedly, I wore both of the accessories out for an event I attended just this morning (I'll blog about this in a separate post!)

LOL - I started camwhoring when I was sitting in the bus already:
(Damn, please focus on the ring and not my eyebags pls!)

The "I-want-to-yawn" pose, just so I can take the opportunity to SHOW OFF my ring! Wahaha~

Wearing items from GlamPuss and proud of it:

It was a damn hot day and I was seriously worried that my sweat would stain the necklace (Yes, I was THAT protective of it.) Fortunately, it didn't happen.

But I am still loving' it nonetheless!

Despite the fact that the design is subtle, the rhinestones made the "phantom mask" stand out.
& on top of that, it does sparkle at certain angles! I totally love anything that sparkles. =D
Hahaha, typical bimbotic me.

BUT... BUT... it's really pretty. :)

I actually imagined wearing a black dress to go along with it as I think the gold & silver combination will most definitely stand out against a black background.
Here's an example:


See? Told you!
The length is also adjustable, so you can choose to either make it longer or shorter- depending on how you prefer it to be. :)

Each and every accessory in you see in GlamPuss was handpicked by the store owner herself (that means those designs are really unique and you won't be able to find them in commonly-found places!), not to mention that the prices are one of the LOWEST you can ever find too.

Despite GlamPuss being a new online store, I have to say that I am really impressed with their professionalism. From communication to packaging and delivery, there is nothing more you can ask for from a perfect online shopping experience.

If you are interested in the "Gold Phantom" necklace I wore in the photos, do take note that there is a silver version of it, too! It all depends on individual preference, but I am sure both will look flattering anyway.

Here is the silver version:

Photo credits to: GlamPuss

Do check out more of the other items from Collection #1 HERE!

AND... That's not all!!!

GlamPuss has more in store for you! If you fancy one-of-a-kind handicraft accessories or simply just looking for a gift idea, here is a super duper big treat for you:

(Click on the image below to go directly to their FB Page!) 

Well... They are EXCLUSIVELY made - which means each and every accessory was painstakingly and lovingly crafted by the owner herself! It's a guarantee + chop that you won't be able to find the exact same piece anywhere in this world - unless its an imitation product! (LOL)

Don't forget that you see it in GlamPuss first okay!

Introducing you...


The "Whimsical Swirl" series:
Blue version:

It's a simple but yet eye-catching design, don't you think so?

Brown-Grey version! I love this one as I find the color combination very interesting in a matching way!

White-Grey version:

White-Brown version:

Yellow version:
(Sunshine friends will love this! Hahaha)

Pink-black: (Gosh, I 100% love this one! It looks so special and definitely a must-have for any pink lovers!)

There's always something for everyone, including handcrafted fabric earrings as well!
Some of the featured designs - simple and sweet:

(These are handcrafted by Rachel from Love for Fabric!)

Interested to find out more or can't wait to make your first purchase from GlamPuss already?
Visit GlamPuss now! :)

Facebook Page:


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  1. Their collection is great :) I love the mask pendant :) It looks great honestly :)