Saturday, 17 November 2012

Time Travel dream

OMG, I had wanted to blog about other stuff but decided that I NEED to blog this current topic before it fades away from my memory.

Read only if you are interested. (But I assure you this is an interesting entry. HAHA)

I seldom had dreams, and I just had one today! 
It was a time travel experience. (Yeah, I know you must be rolling your eyes at the screen and going "Oh, this girl must have watched too many time-travel drama serials!")

Well... Believe it or not, I have not watched a single time-travel drama serial, despite my friends and colleagues recommending them. (But I do hope to watch them someday as I kinda' like the genre.)

My dreams don't usually come true, so I just treated it as "just another ordinary, nonsensical dream".

Okay.. So I traveled back to Qing Dynasty (I shall skip the minor details as they are not so much of the interesting part that I wanted to share here).

There was another Israel-looking guy beside me in the dream, and he had curly hair and a beard. (It seems like he had time traveled as well and we met.)
I have never seen or know of this guy before in my real life, so it was like meeting new people in the dream.
We had a small chat, and he was telling me how much he couldn't get used to the food in Qing Dynasty as he had constant stomachache after consumption. (LOL)

After a short while, I asked him a wee bit about his background, in which he replied he came from BC 1006.
I was not sure what interrupted my dream, but I woke up soon after he said that.

Well.... Here comes the interesting part of the whole thing.
I woke up, (with the image of him still fresh and strong in my head) and went to Google BC 1006. I actually did it out of fun and curiosity, and certainly didn't expect any results as it was afterall a nonsensical dream.... Right??

BUT... BUT... BUT...

I stopped short in my tracks as I indeed found shocking results from my "casual" search about BC 1006.
The resemblance!!!

There was REALLY a guy back in BC 1006, and he was named David.
According to Wikipedia, the result was:

1006 BC—David becomes king of the ancient Israelites (traditional date).

Did I just see the word "Israelites"?!


This picture below was extracted from this wikipedia page:
The resemblance of the guy I chatted with in my dream!!!

The only difference is that he had shorter hair and beard in my dream.

I found another illustration of him, and this was approximately the length of his hair and beard in my dream:

If you are feeling bored and have nothing better to do, you can feel free to find out more about this guy at:

Edit: I am not confirming or implying that the guy I met was David. It was just that I found a picture of David that bears a resemblance to the guy in my dream.

Of course, if you have any time travel dreams experiences or had spoke to the same guy in your dreams (LOL), you may feel free to share them with me! 
Somehow, I was glad I had this dream.. At least, I feel productive while sleeping! 

P/S: This entry is just for my sharing. It is up to you whether you believe it, or not. Sometimes, life is just unexplainable! 

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