Sunday, 2 December 2012

[Event] Datsumo Labo!

Okay, this was an event that took place last week but I am still gonna' blog about it.
Well... Better late than never, right? 

So I participated in an audition held by Datsumo Labo.
(If you haven't heard, Datsumo Labo is a full body hair removal salon from Japan in Singapore)

Honestly, it was all in the name of fun when I joined the audition. Little did I expect that there were tons of beautiful & "kawaii" girls there, too.

I remembered going "Shucks, what am I thinking?!?! Stop embarrassing yourself, you are not ever going to get through the audition."

Yeah, I have never thought of myself as beautiful, pretty or whatever sort. I always find myself admiring the beauty of others and feeling inferior. 

Nonetheless, the audition was quite an enjoyable process (in fact, one of the most enjoyable ones I have ever been in) as the Japanese judges were really nice, polite and friendly. They were a fun bunch to talk to! Seriously, I didn't really mind even if I wasn't chosen - at least the experience was a memorable one for me and that was all that mattered.

So... Imagine my shock and surprise when I attended their event last week (when the results of the audition was released on the same day, too) and my name was called out amongst the list of 13 other girls.

I was one of the Finalists!
Unprepared, but feeling ecstatic.

I do not have many photos from the event as I depended only my phone's camera.
Took a photo with cutie Miao after the event:

By the way, this photo isn't edited in any way. We took this under the bright reflection of light and it turned out like this =_= . I know, I look as white as a ghost:

It was really an honor to be in the list as it was said that they had chosen us out of 200 girls who auditioned, and I was invited to be one of their official Datsumo Labo girls (Yay!)

Special thanks to all the lovely people at Datsumo Labo for selecting me as one of their choices!
I look forward to the many opportunities with all of you guys in future.

And yes, congrats to Kelly for making it through to be the first Miss Datsumo Labo in Singapore! She definitely deserves the title!

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