Sunday, 23 December 2012

Complaint: Thai Express

I have recently been a fan of Thai Express ever since I tasted one of their set lunch menus - Tom Yam set.

However, I am so OMG(*#&$(# infuriated with their services. 
It seemed that a long waiting time (approximately half an hour or even MORE!) is always essential when it comes to the food being served.
In fact, it always came to a point when I thought they had forgotten about my order.

Hello, waiting half an hour is somehow ridiculous - especially when we are famished!
Furthermore, we - the working people - have a time limit to our lunchtime. Can you imagine how rushed we were - by having to gulp down those food when it did finally arrive? (Of course, it was partly due to the factor that we were already VERY hungry to begin with.)
It wasn't enjoyable at all - to consume everything at such a fast pace.
 Food are meant to be enjoyed - slowly and peacefully. Isn't that so?

It's so infuriating - having to eat like hungry ghosts when we were served.

If not for the fact that I fell in love with your tom yam set, I wouldn't have bothered to patronize!
Such waiting time is only for people who have too much time in their hands.


P/S: The outlet I visited was the one at Vivocity. And we never failed to wait a damn long time EVERY single time we go there. Goodness!

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