Friday, 25 January 2013

A bad train journey a day, keeps my good mood at bay

This is probably not the first time that I'm complaining about crowded trains and buses.

And congrats, SMRT outdone itself again a few days ago while I was on my way to work in the morning:
(That explains my blog title, "A bad train journey a day, keeps my good mood at bay!!")

A fast pic that I captured using my phone - so don't expect superb quality in resolution. But you get the idea... Yeah.

According to the announcement, it seemed that there was a train issue again that resulted in the crowd.
(Shucks, I had to wait till the 4th or 5th train before I could finally get my butt in!)
I was more then half an hour late by the time I reached my office. (=_=)
Thanks, SMRT.

(Actually I was not the only person who took photos. There were 2 guys capturing shots non-stop before I decided to do so as well. Haha)

Anyway, my torture didn't end just THERE.
I am not trying to be racist here, but I was REALLY irritated by an indian guy who raised his freaking armpit - which unfortunately, fell at my nose level.
Okay, that armpit did not really smell bad - but it was enough to provide me a  great deal of discomfort throughout my train journey. 

To make matters worse, I suddenly smelled something bad. And no, it wasn't coming from that armpit... But it smelled like saliva + something weird that I couldn't really describe in words.
As I looked up, I finally knew the origin of the smell.
It was coming from a guy who was about 2 heads taller than me ...
 And he was breathing down on a poor me.
So the "smell" that I actually breathed in was his freaking carbon dioxide aka CO2.

Like, seriously...???!
Armpit + carbon dioxide?!

(And I was secretly praying hard that I could survive till I reach my destination)
This is not the first time that I encountered such issues - and I often ended up with a grumpy/bad morning.
I know not everyone will encounter what I did cos I am short.
Hence, the average armpit level = my nose level.

Oh darn. WHY oh WHY...
*sighs and shakes head*

Ok, enough of my grumpy train journey. I'm gonna blog about other topics before I feel the urge to puke. (Can you believe that I actually, really PHYSICALLY puked after one of my train journeys to work? All thanks to a guy who had such a strong BAD-smelling perfume + odour)

Is anyone following SMRT Ltd (Feedback)'s Facebook page
(It is actually a page used for trolling innocent people)
They sure have got some guts there.
Just don't freaking believe what you read on the page. 
They are not associated with the original SMRT, but still an entertaining read at times as they have witty responses to different situations. 
(But I don't know why there are still people who took them for the real deal despite them making it so obvious that they are nothing but trolls.)
Oh well.

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  1. Oh my! O.o
    I personally love train's travel but only when dad books first class! :D

    Aree With Umbrella