Saturday, 26 January 2013

[SMRT] Priority Seats = An obligation to give it up?

Don't you just hate it when a stranger tells you what to do?
I do. And I hate it.

A guy, whom apparently thinks he is a kind ambassador, tapped me on my shoulder and pointed to a guy who wasn't even standing near me - indicating that I should give up my seat to him.
(No, I wasn't sitting on the priority seat)

Stunned, I got up from my seat (and almost tripped over someone's feet (*#$# ) and he was already motioning the guy to come over and have my seat.
Fine, that guy looks like an uncle... But not exactly those in 70s or 80s look, you know?
I mean, I don't mind giving up seats...But why is that "kind ambassador" telling me what to do?
Is he trying to tell people "OH, I'm such an extinct good man who fights the evil and help the poor?"


I hate the fact that giving up seats is no longer a form of goodwill like it used to be , but more of an obligation
That explains why there are many people nowadays who do not usually take priority seats.
For fear of being stomped?

Yes, probably.
When we sit on priority seats, we feel more stressed than anything else.
If you happen to be really tired and fall asleep, you might end up seeing your face on STOMP the very next day.
Granted that there are people who pretended to sleep so as to feign ignorance, but there are still people who really (and accidentally) fell asleep, you know?
Priority seats are meant for people who need it better than you do, so it doesn't necessarily meant the elderly.
There was once I felt such a major discomfort in the train, and I was sitting at the priority seat. But no, I did not give up the seat at all even though I spotted a pregnant lady right in front of me.
I probably needed it better than she did at that moment of time.

I don't suppose there is anything wrong with it. I was physically unwell, so don't I deserve the seat?
But I believe there were people who think that I was being inconsiderate (since all I did was just closing my eyes and tried to fight against the discomfort I felt.)

I don't freaking care if it's a priority seat. I will give it up if necessary.
People should stop with the STOMP thing, seriously.

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