Sunday, 24 February 2013

Harlem Shake

Wow, people have been raving so much about the Harlem Shake.
Gosh, what is this world turning into?

Initially, I thought Harlem Shake is a new milkshake in town. 
I didn't know it is supposed to be a new-dance-in-town-after-gangnam-style.

I found a few videos, take a look for yourself!

Some people apparently think its cool... But I am sure there will be others who feel that those dancers look like a bunch of retards waving their arms and feet in the air.
BUT NO, I do not think that it will be as popular as Gangnam Style (even though I am not a fan of Gangnam style as well).
Its such a weird dance.. (It isn't even considered a dance. Only random clowning around in the video)
Like DUH.

Ok anyway, I have been blogging lesser lately. NO, I am not quitting blogging.
But somehow I am still sick after a few weeks T_T
Been to the doctor twice and the medicine didn't have any effect on me.
Am undergoing self-medication right now. Hopefully I will be well enough to be as active as before soon.
Thanks for all my friends' well wishes throughout this period!~
I am gonna recover soon! *determined*

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