Thursday, 4 April 2013

Food Fair @ Expo 2013 + Complaint entry

Yes, so I finally went to Food Fair last week! 
(Yes... I guess I have selective eating habits. I can eat a hell lot if its something I really love to the core.)

A must-try is the mala toufu. Of course, if you are one who enjoys eating spicy stuff like me... then you will definitely love this little dish. No joke!!
I made a mistake when I went though... Yes, I didn't bring along my professional camera. :( So no yummylicious photos for this blogpost.
But I am still gonna' dig out some photos online... Purely for illustration purposes only! HAHAHA.

I often receive questions like "Why is it that you can't grow fat?!", and girls will tell me how jealous they are when they see my petite size.
WELL, here's the cold hard truth.

YES. I will not grow fat even if I consume alot of junk, oily or random edible stuff. BUT I will suffer a bloated face ! YES, all fats are transmitted to MY freaking face.
I would get so depressed, because those fats will show up in photos. And that is why I often go on a "diet" to cut down those fats.
I won't be able to look my best. So, are you still jealous of my petite size? :(

Anyway, back to my food fair topic. *ahem*
Here's a pic I took using my phone's camera. Well, I am not taking it because their food is nice... BUT I WANT TO COMPLAIN!!!

As I was complaining on my Facebook earlier... Their customer service sucks.
Fancy that- People were crowding everywhere while trying to place their orders... AND wondering at the same time where the queue was.
There was no head or tail. The queue was simply everywhere!
And the staff wouldn't be bothered with you and maintain fairness in their way of service. The auntie who was supposed to be behind me got served first ( just because she owns a LOUD voice). And I was pitifully queuing with a 1 dollar coin in my hand with all the staff ignoring me while serving all those that were in front and behind me.


Just because I look like a small or poor kid doesn't mean I have to face such treatment.
My face turned so black that day and I was ONLY finally served because of that.

Do you really have to wait till my face turns SO BLACK then you'll serve me?
If not for the fact that I was ordering for my dad to take back home, I would have stormed my way off.
Like seriously.

BAKER'S OVEN. Now I remember your freaking company's name.

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