Sunday, 28 April 2013

#2: Random Facts About Me

As I am in the midst of preparing another blog post, here's a random entry to keep my blog occupied.
Random. random. random.

#2: Random Facts About Me:

1) I hug teddies to sleep.

2) I have negative impression on people who club/drink/smoke/gamble. Sorry but it's just me.

3) When I was in primary school and teachers asked me what I would aspire to be when I grow up, I replied them, "Policewoman". (Like what the heck??!)

4) I was almost blinded in one eye once when I tried disturbing a stray black cat with a pokemon ball. It stretched out its paw and scratched me straight on my forehead. (Did I deserve it or what??!)

5) I studied in Polytechnic for 5 years. (So what?!)

6) My long-time passion lies in media studies. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with the luck and results to pursue my dreams. (I have moved on anyway.)

7)  I am a socially awkward person. 

8) It has always been a goal of mine to learn the Japanese language since young, despite the fact that I am not interested in their culture or anime. (Weird, I know.)

9) Most women love flowers. I don't, because they will eventually wilt in my hands. Unless they are fake flowers. LOL.

10) I am not someone who drinks Starbucks. I really don't see the reason why it is highly raved.

11) I love to eat Stingrays.

12) I have a phobia in expressing myself through verbal communication. It tends to make me nervous whenever I have to say something my heart wants to.

13) I was a victim of bullies when I was young.

14) I was used to being lonely. I still remembered sitting down alone in school and having my lunch, which my classmates thought I was weird.
(I still do that now. What's wrong with having lunch alone anyway?)

15) I can't look at my own reflection in the mirror when eating. (I will avoid sitting at places that have reflection) Don't ask me why - I don't know either. If they are not, I would rather use my bare hands to eat them, or rather, not eat at all.

16) I have a strange phobia. I have to look into every plastic straw, fork, cup, spoon to ensure that they are sparkling clean before I use them.

17) I use a spoon when eating noodles.

18) I love to watch horror/gore shows.

19) I am an insecure person.

20) I have been looking forward to doing invisalign. (Yes.. Saving up in progress)...

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