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[Bloggers' Event Invite] Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza Pre-launch Party!

Thanks to the lovely invitation from the kind fellas at Pizza Hut, I had the honor again to attend their Cheesy Bites Trio Pre-launch party!

Pizza Hut fans... Are you prepared for an upcoming yummy-licious, cheezy-licious pizza coming your way?

Yes - be expected to drool as you scroll down to read this entry. Especially to you Cheese lovers out there.
You have been warned.

ANYWAY, It was a great feeling to spot familiar faces again *waves*, and this time I got to know new lovely bloggers as well.
Ah, if you are an avid follower of my blog, I am sure you will remember their previous Double Sensation Pizza event which I attended last year.
(You may feel free to read my entry HERE)
It was featured on several Yahoo and blog sites as well - much to my pleasant surprise. Thank you all so much for the support!

I am positive the upcoming Cheesy Bites Trio pizza will not disappoint you too.. Just read on to find out!

As we were allowed to bring another partner along for the event, I brought Roz, a colleague who also happens to be my *loyal* blog reader. ;)

The menu that was served to the bloggers:

Yes, and here's a photo of Roz while trying to look *ahem* handsome.
(He had told me to let him vet through his photos before I am allowed to post them up... But well, I am sure he won't disapprove this photo... Right, right... Roz?)

Since our workplace is considered fairly near to the location, we became the early birds. 
We were enjoying the ambience of the beautiful evening at Pizza Hut while sipping our drinks..
(I ordered myself the Emerald from the Sparkle series)

Damn it - Roz took my camera and secretly took photos of me.. 
And look what I found when I am sorting my pictures!

It wasn't long before other bloggers arrived as well - and food was served.
That's the Hut's Platter
(I personally LOVE everything that was included in the platter.)

Am I not making you hungry yet??
This is Roz's personal favorite!

#2:Thick Fries on Dips:
It comes together with 2 different sauces to go along with - BBQ sauce and Cheesy sauce! mmMmMm~

With my new blogger friends, Malcolm, Serene and Valentine
(I hope I got the spellings of their names right! )

Now.. Here's the highlight of our programme - The Making of Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza!

Mr Albert, the restaurant's General Manager, giving us a demonstration on how the Cheese Bites Trio pizza is being made! 

The pizza in-the-making process:
Personally, I find it really amazing. It was like creating magic from scratch.
(This is the unbaked version and it looked so good already!)

An extremely zoomed in shot that I took of the pizza.
Do you feel the hunger coming to you yet?

And taaa-daaah!
Mr Albert proudly showing off the completed version:

Ah, NOW this is the hardest part of the show:

It's our turn to compete in the pizza-making contest! 
(I was actually tempted to compete, but I had a feeling my memory wasn't really that good to remember all those steps! I suck when it comes to making food.)

I ended up giving moral support to the participants.
(And both of them did really well!)

Mr Albert having a tough time deciding which pizza to be crowned:

The two participants posing with their Cheesy Bites Trio pizza!
(And they had the opportunity to bring home their pizzas too! How awesome is that, really?!)

Say Cheese!

While waiting for our Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza to be baked, we were served the
 Hut's Chicken Steak !
It is one of my personal favorites as the meat of the chicken is oh-so-super tender! 

A close-up shot that will definitely make you feel as though it's residing in your mouth. LOL

*drum rolls*


Did you (#*$)(# see that cup of nacho cheese in the centre?

What's so special about the Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza, you ask?
Well... The new Cheesy Bites Trio pizza goes to the extreme with 3 great flavours of sprinkles, namely:

#1: Savoury Parmesan 

#2: Tasty black and white Sesame

#3: Smoky Chipotle

Each bite is stuffed full of tantalising smooth cream cheese or a 3-flavour cheese filling for a delightful surprise in each delicious mouthful.

The concept of the pizza is very interesting - You PULL, TWIST (and maybe pull again if you missed it) a piece of your choice, and DIP it into the thick, yummy cheese.

Yes, sink it DEEP into that cheesy sauce and feel that surge of euphoria as you feel the warmth of the nacho cheese tickling your taste buds.
It blends in so well together with each piece that you will definitely go for another bite after next.
It's totally the definition of Addiction.
Trust me, you will never get bored of the taste with the different varieties.

I've been there, done that... And you have no idea how much I was in heaven.

Look at this THICK nacho cheese...
Who can resist this, you tell me?!

I paired it with the Chipotle topping piece. Personally, it is my favorite choice amongst the other flavours:

My fetish for cheese goes on forever:

I've waited so long for this moment... Gotta put that into my mouth!


After trying the 3 different sprinkles, I am sure you will find out which is your personal favorite.

Is your stomach grumbling yet?
Well... You'd better grab the chance to catch the Cheesy Bites Trio pizza before it's gone! It will be available at all Pizza Hut restaurants and delivery service till 2 July 2013.
(Only for a limited period!)

Do not worry about it being too expensive, Pizza Hut has came up different set meals that the Cheesy Bites Trio pizza will come with- at affordable prices!
Now, it gives you more reason to dine in at Pizza Hut with your loved ones
 (Hint: Mother's Day is just around the corner... ...)

Dining In:

Cheesy Delight Meal at $27.90 (for 2-3 pax) (Usual Price: $39.90)

♥ 1 Regular Cheesy Bites Trio (any topping)
♥ Soup of the Day
♥ 2 glasses of Spakle (Choice of Berri/Summer/Emerald/Lychee)
** Additional $1 for ciiy stores for the above meal

Cheesy Fiesta Meal at $46.90 (for 4-5 pax) (Usual Price: $73.50)

♥ 1 Regular Cheesy Bites Trio (any topping)
♥ 1 Regular Pan Pizza (any topping)
♥ 4 Soup of the Day
♥ 4 glasses of Sparkle (Choice of Berri/Summer/Emerald/Lychee)
** Additional $1 for ciiy stores for the above meal

If you are more towards the Home Delivery option, then there are set meals for you too!

Home Delivery:

Cheesy Fun Meal at $26.50 (for 2-3 pax) (Usual Price: $33.70)

♥ 1 Regular Cheesy Bites Trio pizza (any topping)
♥ 4 pcs Honey Roasted Wings
♥ 6 pcs Mini Hash Brown

Cheesy Double Deal at $28.90 (for 4-5 pax) (Usual Price: $44.40)

♥ 1 Regular Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza (any topping)
♥ 1 Regular Pan Pizza (any topping)

I have a feeling I am gonna order my my family the Cheesy Fun Meal - It is a combination of all my favorites from Pizza Hut!

Anyway, back to the event....

We were treated to Ben and Jerry's for dessert!
I had the cookie flavor.

A happy Roz holding his cup of Ben& Jerry like a trophy:

MmmmM~~ Feel that ice-cream melting in your mouth~

Before the programme ends, Pizza Hut was so kind to give us a souvenir to bring home!
It was a photo of us indulging in the moment.:) Awww..

(From left to right: Me, Roz and another blogger, Valentine)

Us posing with the Pizza Hut menu before heading home with a contented stomach:

Standing tall and mighty outside the Pizza Hut store:

A huge thank-you to the Pizza Hut team for giving me the opportunity to be part of this pre-launch party!

Don't forget to like Pizza Hut Singapore's Facebook page as well to stay updated of their promotions at all times:

Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza, 3 times the flavour, 3 times the fun!

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