Saturday, 13 April 2013

[ Product Review] 2B Alternative - Mask for Face

Was invited by 2B Alternative a few weeks back for a one month product trial of their facial slimming masks.
*gives an excited little squeal*

Well... I have always been obsessed with slimming my face (I had tried a few products but they didn't really work), so it was definitely a great opportunity to try out the 2B masks!

And here I am, to share my current results with you:
(I am sure there are some of you who may stumble upon my blog while searching for reviews on facial masks... So do stay tuned and read on if you want to find out if 2B works for me!)

Well... Here's a short introduction about the face slimming mask, in case you've never heard of it: 
(Well.. Now you do!)

2B Mask for Face is a breath taking gift from 2B Alternative that is dedicated to all users of 2B for Face slimming essence. After applying the essence with daily usage, you only need to apply the mask once per week for facial corrective and reshape to satisfying effects. Because the mask has the unique 3D lock design that triple locks all slimming target point to the face, which activates these key facial points with fully absorption. Lifting effects are immediate, so facial contour is visibly firmer and tighter every point by point, every inch by inch. 

I am still in the midst of using the masks, so I can only show you the preview before the full one-month trial.

Now let's put this to test!

*unpacking the box*
Yes, there are 4 pieces in a box.

Slowly but carefully, I opened up a packet of the mask... 
And here it is! The little precious settling inside while waiting for me to put it on my face. ;)

The wet and soft mask - It is completely soaked in the essence!

Boo! Scary much?
Yeah, this is probably one of the first few times I am uploading a photo of myself with absolutely no make-up on. (I would usually feel insecure when uploading such pictures... But well, I just have to be dedicated when doing this review! So you guys better be nice and not post hateful comments geddit?!)

One thing I love about the mask is that it contains two “hooks” that secure its position. I have used other masks that always shifted its position when I moved, and it was really frustrating sometimes. But the implementation of hooks by 2B is simply genius! The mask felt secured and tight on my face.

I am currently still in the process of using it twice-thrice a week, and I simply love the results. Even though the results are considered subtle, but it is definitely a good start because I believe consistent usage of the product in the long run can indeed achieve the successful slimmed face I’ve always desire. I will update the results again soon as I am almost finishing the pack!

A photo of my face BEFORE putting the 2B mask on: 

And 15 minutes later....
*takes out the mask*


 Can't see the comparison clearly? 
Let me place them side by side~

(Left: BEFORE ; Right: AFTER)

I am an absolute Photoshop noob when it comes to photoshopping faces, so all photos have definitely remained unedited.

Yes, the current verdict is that I am enjoying the 2B Mask for Face at the time being! 
It's really worth a try if you are looking at face slimming/contouring solutions.
Do stay tuned for more updates coming up!~


  1. Hi can u tell me where u get those mask?

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  4. How long do you have to leave the mask on? Do you need to wash off after putting the mask?

  5. I have using 2B Face serum together with 2B mask. So far, I must say that I am very satisfied with the result.

  6. Is the mask difficult to put on? Will it fit nicely to the face?