Monday, 15 April 2013

Kiyomi/Gwiyomi = It's SERIOUSLY getting on my nerves!

Oh Gosh, I can't even begin to tell you how MUCH, how MUCH, how MUCH I detest this recent Kiyomi/Gwiyomi (or whatever you call it) trend.
I have friends who knew I hated this so much and they asked me whether I am going to do a blog post about it.
YES, for SURE I am!

Come on, it is NOT even a proper dance! What the HECK is that, seriously?
I have nothing against girls, but those movements just get on my freaking nerves.

Like PLEASE, I can still understand if it's some Gangnam style or any other dance.. But THIS?!

Ok, I admit the song IS cute and I could still tolerate until the chorus part.
But once that dance sequence starts, I feel like pulling my hair and screaming at the computer screen.

*blood pressure rises*

And damn it, my evil colleagues (You know who you are) were having so much fun doing those disgusting actions in front of my face.
I swore I almost took off my shoe and threw it right at their faces.

Seriously, it really beats me WHY and HOW it can become a hot sensation within such a short period of time.

Come on, girls. YOU DON'T LOOK CUTE! (More like retards doing hand signs)

And guys. YOU DON'T LOOK AWESOME AT ALL, too. You look like gays!

You know which part gets on my nerves the MOST?
It's those "kiss fingers" movement.

You think what, KFC Finger Lickin' Good?!
Go order yourself some KFC if you are really craving so much for it. Duh.
Ah, whatever, whatever.
I believe the popularity will probably die down very soon.
And I do fear what is the next upcoming "trend".
It seems that the world is getting so desperate for trends recently that even such a nonsensical Kiyomi hand movement can become such a sensation.
Trust me, DON'T do any of those kiyomi movements in front of me.

I'll scream right into your face like Ju-On and #*($&(#$ you upside down.

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  1. seriously i was not aware of kiyomi till you mentioned. I fear the same, like 1 to 2 million likes for each video created from different people... it is just about getting started.