Thursday, 18 April 2013

Excuse me, are you a Blogger?

"What do you work as?" I asked.

"A full-time blogger" came the reply.

The first thing that came to my mind was "You SERIOUS?! You actually call that a full-time occupation?!"

Truth to be told, ANYONE can self-proclaim themselves as a blogger. No, it isn't difficult. What it takes is only  a few seconds of your life.

BUT here comes the question.

1) With the up-rise of so many bloggers EVERYDAY, Do you seriously think that it is worth giving up your stable job for? (Yes, there ARE people who actually gave up their jobs just to be a stay-home, full-time blogger.)

2) Can you be 100% sure that blogging can last you a lifetime and provide you a stable income? (Unless you are telling me that you can be as lucky as Xiaxue, whose whole life seems to be sponsored.)

3) How confident are you in making your blog successful? Building traffic isn't easy. Yes, there are some who got lucky. (Just because they have the looks, maybe?) Or probably you will have to think of a way to be as infamous as Steven Lim. (But then again, Steven Lim doesn't seem to be as famous. LOL)

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against people who work full-time as bloggers. I'm just surprised that it can be listed as an ordinary job.
It IS possible to earn through blogging. Part-time or additional income, Yes. 
But going full-time?
You'll have to take the risk.

I have personally witnessed how some bloggers sounded so arrogant just because they have sponsors supporting them. 

Well, let's see how far you can go with that. :)
I have had friends who seemed so determined to make themselves successful as a blogger, but ended up they were just into all the freebies and enjoying the perks.

Yes, I don't deny that being a blogger has its perks.
But the effort we put in for each required entry is way more than you think.
(The longest time I spent on a blog entry write-up was more than 8 hours!)

Although I do label myself as a "blogger", but no - Giving up a full-time job that provides me a stable income just for blogging is impossible.
Just like any other bloggers, I take up advertorials and reviews, attend events and do write-ups.
People may see it as I am too free... But I merely do them out of my passion for writing.

Don't worry. I may not be a full-time blogger, but my dedication and passion for blogging aren't losing out in any way. :)


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