Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hello Kitty Fairytale Frenzy: An expensive and fattening addiction!

So the Hello Kitty craze is here again... And this time I am in the craze as well =_=
(Well.. I don't really know what has gotten over me since I am usually not a Hello Kitty fan)

But you can't deny that the latest series that Mcdonald's has is way tooooo adorable.
God. Talking about temptation.

And they are releasing them on a weekly basis!
I've gotten both the first week's Kitty (Wizard of Oz version) and the Witch version (it's only available via Mcdelivery) , with all credits to the sweet boyfriend of mine who went ahead to eat those large sized meals just to get them for me. (In case you are wondering.. NO, I didn't ask or force him to do that! He was supposed to be on a diet, for goodness sake. LOL)

Ah.. And look at this:

The first kitty on the most far left is called the Wisdom Owl - which is only available in HONG KONG!
They exchanged it with the skeleton Hello Kitty in Singapore here, which I didn't feel is as cute:

All hail the indian kitty:

Well, anyway... the usual blogger instinct in me would be to take photos of my personal Hello Kitty - The review style! LOL.

Aww.. The lion mane on its head is furry! *touches and squeals in delight*
But I am not taking it out to play... It'll be back in the plastic for collection purpose!

Now, here is the 2nd Hello Kitty- Witch version.
I was so crazy over it!

However... Nixeux (a good friend of mine) said something over Whatsapp that left me laughing like a madwoman.

She told me that the Hello Kitty witch looks like a Mcdonald's CLEANER, especially when it is holding a broom in its hand.

I was in all denial until I realized.. "Oh shit"... There really is a resemblance.
I ended up doing up a comparison picture.

I guess it was due to the fact that Mcdonald's used to have a uniform that was RED in color.
But gosh, it sure did spoil the beautiful image I had in mind about the witch kitty! LOL.

I am considering whether to collect the rest of the Kitty as it is a fattening and expensive addiction. 
Maybe it's time to stop at 2! LOL.


  1. i like the comparison! haha.. it makes me look at the MCDelivery Kitty differently now..

  2. Eh.. the hat is different! Like the policeman and those who patrols the stations.. got diff!!

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