Thursday, 6 June 2013

Iwantrevange : True story or just a marketing gimmick?

So I came across a blog that was trending on Facebook:
(Yeah, it's about a Singaporean guy who is all out to seek for revenge after he found out that his wife has was cheating on him.)

Well, I do admit that it was a good read... But I can't shake of the feeling that everything seems more like a marketing ploy.

This is what I call a form of Guerrilla Marketing -  an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results.

(I'm really sorry if this is a true story! It just feels a bit too.. dramatic)
There were certain parts that he kept emphasizing on the mobile phone software.

See this:

First of all, why the heck would the author emphasize on the software and even created a special tab called "Track My Cheating Wife" just so he can mention about the software? (He even hyperlinked it to the software's main site, that makes it all the more suspicious!)

I understand if he is trying to give credit, BUT it isn't a necessity because the software isn't free. So why in the world will someone advertise if he/she is a paying customer?

Suspicious Point #1:
Observe the top left hand corner of the bar. (it is highlighted in small red font)

Upon enlarging the screen, it is believed that the username is stated as "Tina".
Why would A GUY use such a name for his account? (Unless he is trying to hide his identity just in case he gets discovered, which can be a plausible reason.)

Another suspicious point #2 but not entirely plausible:
- I noticed that all the interaction was SMS-based. With data plan a common thing nowadays, it is a bit surprising that they are not communicating using some online tools such as Whatsapp, Line or Wechat since it's so much faster. Unless they are more of the older generation.

Suspicious point #3:
Found a wordpress site that purely advertises about the application. Hence, I believe this is created by the company:

Interesting how it bears a resemblance to (Of all platforms, both are using Wordpress. WHY not instead? )

Suspicious point #4:
I decided to do a WHOIS checkup of the company's website.

It is stated that the website was created 4 months 19 Days ago.
In other words, this means that the company is relatively new... And I will not be surprised if they are using this marketing gimmick to gain more exposure.

Now... Just as I was about to conclude this, I discovered another suspicious point...

Observe the date of the posts that contain screenshots.
It shows 16th May 2013

Now..Zoom in to the screenshot that the author posted.
It states 17th May 2013.

How in the world is he able to "predict" and know about the SMS exchanges ONE DAY BEFORE? If this article were to be posted on 18th May 2013, I would still say it's believable. BUT one day before? That is a big loophole.
It's just like he can predict those SMS exchanges in advance. LOL!

Okay, I think I am being a no-lifer trying to dig into this since it's none of my business. But well.. #justsaying.

Hmm.. Consider it a marketing strategy . Don't you think it's kinda successful? With the Wordpress site surfacing on Facebook and people talking about it, HandphoneSpy sure has gained its maximum exposure within this short time frame.

True story, or not? You decide.


  1. Nice analysis, but I think there is error in your assumptions, at least for point #4. You pointed out that the person is using wordpress. But you have not taken into account if the server is on Singapore time.

    Hence, you are dealing with an American Site, which is 12 hours or so behind Asia. So basically, if the SMS came in at Singapore timing, then it only makes sense that the date is 12 hours behind would it not?

    Eg, right now it 12:30 am for me here in Singapore. I wonder what time it would say when I post on this blog.

    Either way, nice analysis.

  2. Suspicion Point 4)
    You must look at the whole screen shot that includes his computer clock time.
    It says 18 May 2013 1:33 am. If I am not wrong, word press will reflect your computer clock timing if I am not wrong.

    Software Flaw
    If the point of the software is to catch red handed the perpetrator, then it is not effective since it only reflects the guy's number and not the "wife", how can that poor guy proof to the courts then that this is her hand phone sms' we are looking at.

    Finding Out
    One way to find out if this is real is to just call the number on the number 94657807 and see who picks up that number. If they have bought this number just for this gimmick (Cheap to get... $20 from 7eleven), I suppose there will not be any answers.

    Other Logical Flaws
    If you want to catch a marketeer look at the "script" or "copy writing"
    - Both female and male style of conversation seems to suggest that they are written by the same author. Grammatically they are perfect, with a splice of Singlish now and then.
    - Observe the Blogger's language. It is just too controlled to be realistic.
    - Observe that he is always saying "You can click on the image above to see the sms"
    - Both wife and lover use pussy lips which I think is the authors' favored word to describe the female orifice.
    - "Sue" was abruptly brought up into the scene to illustrate something.
    - "He does not know Sue is not his" conversation should be had long time along not now
    - "He makes better love than you" conversation should be too old tale to mention at this point of the affair.
    IN OTHER WORDS, this reads like a TV Drama Serial trying to pack too much information into one scene.

    The design of the blog is simple, eye catching, with very specific reference to the features. It is just plain strange that he writes this blog and reply to nothing and nobody but makes a slight apology. Pity to those people who wrote back, those you can be sure most are true stories.... or ARE THEY? :P

    1. Wow, nice analysis!!! :)

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