Monday, 9 September 2013

Shopping Addiction: My new AQUA mobile phone!

You know, sometimes I really love and hate Qoo10 (previously known as Gmarket) at the same time.
They sure have their ways to make online shoppers splurge on their wants instead of needs!
Imagine scrolling through their best deals out of boredom... And suddenly you spot something that captures your attention.. 
You start to add it to your shopping cart.. TA-DA...! 
And the rest is history.

Of course, there are other highly recommended sites as well that have the same addictive trait.
One such example is ZALORA, an e-tailer that offers a wide variety of choices (be it clothing, accessories, etc) for women and men! (Seriously, how often do you see a web store that has so many unisex choices - and yet at irresistibly affordable prices?!)

As if that is not enough, Zalora offers FREE delivery and CASH ON DELIVERY, too!


Totally spoilt for choice, lah. I'll go through their catalogue slowly.

And as below are just some of my random purchases (Not from Zalora though)- CARD PHONES from Qoo10 that I just wanna show off~ (GOOD THINGS ARE WORTH THE SHARE, RIGHT??! ;))

No, it's not an i-banking device.. 
Nor is it a calculator. =_=

It is a CARD PHONE! And it is really a card-sized phone - just like your any other ordinary ez-link card.
I got it for my mum as I thought it should be basic enough for her liking.
Well, in case you are wondering.. Yes, it supports any other normal SIM card. I actually got her a Singtel prepaid card to go along with it.

I was so fascinated with the phone that I ended up falling in love with one myself - except that mine has got to be a tad more expensive as I got a waterproof version.
So this means that I can drop it into the toiletbowl without worrying that it will become faulty.
Just kidding.
(Why in the world would I drop it into a toiletbowl unnecessarily, man?! LOL)

I actually wanted it badly due to its NEON color.
 I don't really care about the waterproof function.

And no, I didn't get it from Qoo10.
It was the sweet boyfriend who went the extra mile to get it for me at a physical sports store in Singapore - yes, he did it behind my back.
(I was like.. WHAAATT??!!!)
*Ouch* I could see a hole burnt in his pocket. 
Nonetheless, I am currently making good use of the phone for work purposes. 
It's actually a VERY basic phone and not really worth the money that was paid for, but I still stubbornly love it as I know it's special and you cannot really find it in everyday stores.

Here's a short video that features it:

Just a summary of the pros and cons:

-Small and handy (You can hang around your neck like a travel pass. Accessories and cables are provided!)

-It has a loud ringtone. So loud that even the deaf can hear it.

-Waterproof? (I haven't tested it out yet so I cannot comment much on this)

-Good for simple users such as kids, army, etc.

-Despite its simplicity, you'll be surprised that it as a FM radio function!

-Requires only very minimal charging time * Only 30 minutes and the phone can be on standy for 3-4 days! Amazing battery life, huh?

- A perfect conversation starter. I have met many people who are fascinated at the sight of this baby and started asking about it. 

-Initially, I thought it would be an ideal phone for senior citizens.. But it seems that the font and buttons are quite small. 

-And no, it doesn't have wifi or bluetooth FYI. 

I was walking past this sales promoter and he attempted to compliment me on this cute little phone.
It was not until when he said..
"Hey, that's a calculator? Cute!"

This little baby cost over a $100 and he mistook it for a calculator!?!?!

*Breathes in, breathes out*
OK... But I do admit it does look like one.
Oh well.
If anyone is interested in this phone, you may feel free to visit their website for more info at:

(And no, I am not earning anything from this, nor am I in any way affiliated to them.)


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