Thursday, 7 November 2013

[Complaint] Atrocious attitude of bus drivers

Is it me, or the customer service of bus drivers are degrading rapidly?

(Picture for illustration only. From Google images)

Just our luck to have bumped into yet another horrid driver whom I feel is a disgrace to SBS!!

Don't get me wrong - my argument is definitely valid. 

Imagine the long wait for your bus number... and feeling the sense of relief when it finally arrived.
You stand up and start to wave at the bus.
The bus driver takes a glance over at you, turns his head and drives away - pretending that you never existed - while leaving you helplessly watching him drive the bus away before you.

How does that feel, huh?

Good? No? 
I was completely baffled.

Can you imagine the frustration I felt when that scene played out in front of my eyes? It was so APPARENT that the bus driver had done that on purpose to avoid wasting time.
(Worst still, I did not have the chance to take a closer look at the car plate number as the place was too dark.)

And I have NO FREAKING CLUE why he did that. Isn't driving a bus and stopping the vehicle for passengers to board his job scope and responsibility?! 

I'm beginning to question the standards of SBS now - Do they even provide the basic training on COURTESY for their drivers?!

Truth to be told, this isn't the first time such incidents happened to me.
The first time it did, I lodged a complaint against the driver (with car plate number included). That was actually a worse case-as I remembered running for the bus.
When I finally reached the bus doors, the bus driver looked away and SHUT the door on me - leaving me in an appalled mode as he drove away.

*flips table*

I can guarantee plus chop that this was not an accidental act - unless I was as invisible as Casper the Ghost.

Is such attitude even justifiable?
Like everyone else, I PAY the same amount of bus fares - and all I wanted was a safe bus ride home.

SBS kept increasing its fare over the years - BUT WHY IN THE WORLD I DON'T SEE ANY IMPROVEMENT IN CUSTOMER SERVICE?!
I don't expect alot from their bus drivers; but I just hope they understand what is basic responsibility and courtesy when it comes to dealing with passengers. 
For goodness sake, if you are a bus driver - BEHAVE LIKE ONE
Shutting your doors and pretending you have never seen anyone is not the right way to go about your job. Period.

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