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[Event Invite] Waves 18 - Nutcracker!

 It's T.G.I.F!
And I definitely had one of the best TGIFs ever - with millions of thanks to Ms Yvonne and Singapore Polytechnic for inviting me to a musical play by SP students!

It's known as Waves 18 -NUTCRACKER ; a play put up together by a club named Strictly Dance Zone (SDZ).
It consists of 3 core genres; namely Modern, Hip Hop and Break Dancing.

The audience was given a beautifully-designed booklet that speaks of the Nutcracker story:
(I really love how the booklet is designed to look like a childhood storybook!)

A peek into the booklet - Isn't it cute?!
*overwhelmed by childhood memories*

Ms Yvonne was very kind to reserve a pair of tickets for me, and I was able to bring my momo (edit: he's my boyfriend, not my dog) along!
We reached Kallang theatre around 7 plus in the evening; and had the pleasure to meet Edmund whom received us. (Thank you so, so much for the kind hospitality!)

In my usual blogger-ish self (haha) , I started snapping some photos away while excitedly waiting for the play to begin.

The place was buzzing with people as everyone was there to give their full support for the play as well! 

Yes, we're heading up to the theatre!

Now let's take a photograph together to mark the moment: (LOL. Sorry, I was only in simple make-up that day.)

Our entrance tickets! :D

It was a pity that I did not take any photos of the theatre when we entered as I was too busy feeling excited. HAHA. Yes, it sounds absurd but its true! 
Nonetheless, I still managed to capture some beautiful shots throughout the play - and when I meant beautiful, it's an understatement.

The show had only begun and I told momo "I can feel this is going to be a good show".

Man, I have never been more right!

The lighting, sound effects, props and settings were beyond amazing and I could feel my jaw dropping at various parts of the show. (I am not exaggerating okay!)
(Probably it was just me because I have never really been to musical plays before... and it was a real eye-opener!)
Seriously, I felt like I was being sucked into different parts of the world as the screens transitioned into fascinating effects, giving the whole stage a total transformation.
It almost felt... ... magical.
One minute you will find yourself at a royal palace, and before you knew it... you are at Paris in the next.

This was one of the shots taken of the "royal palace" which I find unbelievably convincing.

Seriously, nothing can be compared to the experience of being physically sitting there and watching the play. These photos can't even do enough justice to the real thing! (I am sure those who have been there will understand what I meant)

So the story speaks about a talented old toymaker who made magnificent toys. Every year, he would present one to the King to add on to his Royal Collections.

All Hail the King!

This year, the King was looking forward to his toy and slowly... ... he approached the large box - in which it was supposed to contain a nutcracker.

 However, he discovered that there was nothing inside the box - much to his dismay and anger.

The nutcracker eventually fell into the hands of Clara, a clumsy but happy-go-lucky girl who loves him.

The nutcracker had a defect at the side of his face; which Clara dismissed as a design.

 As Clara fell asleep into the night, the non-livings suddenly had a life of their own.

The nutcracker and several creatures broke into a dance.

Clara was awakened by several guards who were sent by the King to search for the missing nutcracker.
When Clara realized she could not hide it any longer, both the nutcracker and her ran away together.... far, far..... away to escape the angry guards.

And the following photos show a series of adventures that both of them encountered during their runaway!
They came upon a really witty and hilarious woman from Sugar Plum's Travel Agency, whom sent them to different parts of the world.

In each part of the "country", the dancers emerged and broke into a themed dance.

Oriental style:
(The audience laughed really hard on this one!)

Can you recognize him?


Break-dance and hip hop!

Ah, I like this one  - Hollywood style!

Lights, camera, action.......!

Join Marilyn Monroe, Jack Sparrow and Charlie Chaplin while they performed a fun-style dance. (This segment was really a joy to watch!!)

And we have animal dance as well (Africa-style). Fascinating sight, I would say.

Nearing the end of the show, we were brought back to the royal palace again.. and I couldn't resist taking my camera out to snap more photos away. Hahaha.

(Looking at these pictures, I wouldn't have believed the background was made up of screens.)

It was the finale; and the show ended with a bang. 
Of course, everyone in the audience gave our loudest applause. YOU just can't resist not clapping for them - The performance was awesome beyond awesome!

So my thoughts of Waves 18?
The show was PHENOMENAL. The set-up, props, acting and the dance segments were breath-taking, and I can tell that all the students had invested a huge amount of effort and time in it. It was VERY impressive, considering the fact that this was produced by students and YET it seemed so professional.
It was heartwarming to witness the talent and potential of them... ... 
(Who says Singapore has no talent?!)
I have never been more proud as an SP alumni!!
All of them have done Singapore Polytechnic proud! Well done (two thumbs up)!

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