Wednesday, 1 January 2014

[Touching] A dog is a man's best friend!

I've always loved dogs; but did not get the chance to own one (Okay, I almost did when my dad promised to get me one after I passed my PSLE exams. And that was like... 12 years ago??!)
I still remembered being all excited and anxious - Heck, I even thought up of a name for my dog that never did exist.

Well, as fate would have it, the plan for a dog didn't materialize - but I got myself other pets instead. (I was a proud owner of several hamsters, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbit, fishes, tortoises, frogs, etc) Exaggerating, I know.

BUT HEY, that aside - Dogs are the sweetest pets ever. In fact, the reason why I am blogging this is because of this sweet little video that someone shared on Facebook. Seriously, this melted my heart. Look at how loving a dog can be. This is a far cry from what I would think about vicious large-sized dogs.

Come on, watch it - and get some tissues.

And this is another article I read on STOMP last week:

Did you spot anything amiss?
YES OH MY MAMA~ Look at what this sweetie pie had and cuddled in its warmth:

*melts a thousand times*

If you ain't touched by these, then you are probably not human!
Come on, share the love.

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