Thursday, 2 January 2014

[Going Viral] True Love?

So I came across a viral post on Facebook that sparked anger amongst many netizens. (Yes, me included- hence this blog post)

When I first read the post content, the first thought that came to my mind was...
"Is this woman for real?!"

Seriously, this is one of the most superficial chunk of text I have ever read - something that is definitely uncalled for.
If attention is what she wanted, she has certainly got it.

Yes, she may have the freedom to post whatever she likes since it IS her Facebook account afterall - but  she doesn't have ANY rights to comment on her friend and portray her in such a negative manner. (What business is it of hers that her friend is leading such a life? Come on, Heather Chua, you are NOT the one accountable for with regards to your friend's life. I believe she will appreciate it better if you keep your opinions to yourself)

Guess what? As much as you are "disappointed" to learn of your friend's love life (that has nothing to do with you to begin with), I suppose she will be way more disappointed in the way you express your views as "HER CLOSE FRIENDS OF 27 YEARS".  (Oh, not to mention that she might be disappointed to have you as her friend. Poor thing - she must be feeling so ashamed right now. Boo-hoo.)

Say WH-AAAT? CLOSE friend?


Come, I clap for you.

Seriously? Does a *CLOSE* friend paint her friend in such a bad light - so much that it's humiliating?
This is way too much.
By giving such opinions, I suppose this "Heather Chua" is born with a silver spoon in her mouth, either that, or she made herself sound like some wealthy kid.

Talk about Materialism.
Here's an abstract of her Facebook post that I found ridiculous to a large extent:

"She holds a MBA from Cornell & owns a retail company & drives a Subaru Legacy. He on the other hand, has only an ITE certificate & currently working in a local technology company as a normal worker doing those clerical work, not even anywhere close to being a manager. And on top of that, he only own a Toyota Vios(the cheapest of all Japanese cars in Singapore). What kind of women will go with a man like him? "

Well, my dear Heather Chua, I assume you must have lived your life being ignorant of what true love is all about. Either that, or you are someone who is deprived of such love.

Similarly, I am a woman myself but I would very much beg to differ. 
To me, wealth is NEVER a factor of love. If one sincerely loves another person, wealth is an easily dismissed subject.

As long as the guy is financially OK (It is not as though he is allowing his family to sleep on the streets and surviving on leftover food), I don't see ANY issue here.
On top of that, couples who sincerely love each other do not owe others anything - not even the closest friend. As long as both of them are happy with their life, what has it got to do with bystanders like you? 

Furthermore, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having only an ITE certificate and working as a normal worker. At the very least, he is living his life in contentment and have what YOU don't - which is the truest love he deserves from his wife.

Does his happiness concern you and your well being?

Does his love life involve you?

Is his wife complaining?


So what if someone has an university certificate and live in big houses? Personally, those are only "extra toppings" and definitely not to be taken as part of the necessary requirements that one should look for in a potential boyfriend.

Granted that different individual has different perspectives; and I even have had male friends telling me that it is difficult to find girls nowadays who can accept a guy who is not financially capable.

To some, they may think that such girls do not exist anymore.

I am not trying to be thick-skinned here, but at least... ... I am proud to say that I am one of them.
To me, it all boils down to sincerity and character. I will choose LOVE over money anytime. In fact, I don't see money or anything materialistic as a significant issue. Love and wealth shouldn't be tied together in the first place. You think this is a bundle, huh?
 I have always had this mentality way before I have my first boyfriend, and it still remains the same till now. In fact, rich guys are never my cup of tea.

Speaking from my perspective as a girl:

  • I don't require big diamonds. 
  • I don't require need big houses.
  • I don't require my guy to be good-looking or rich in any way.
  • I don't require my guy to have *SUPER HIGH* qualification when certificates are mostly only classified as a piece of paper for survival in society.
  • I don't require my other half to have a car.

What I need is just love in its purest form - in whichever way he expresses it. (Of course, I do not mean violence or sex)

Just simple, pure love.

Granted that it may be just a simple dinner at hawker centers or shopping at pasar malams - those are enough to make me a happy girl. Anything that he goes the extra mile for, I considered them as a bonus which I am most thankful for. :)

Heather Chua, you may be a pretty face (judging from your profile picture), but your mentality and personality have spoken.
Given your perspective, I believe guys who are willing to be with you will not be out of true love - but only your looks.
As materialistic as you are, your other half will be just as superficial.
Good luck with your life.

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