Sunday, 27 July 2014

10 Years Ago.. ...

I was reminiscing my childhood memories - for no whatsoever reason- one fine night and took a short trip down memory lane.

Somehow, it became a thought-provoking one as I realized how much the culture and behavior of humans have changed.
I have came up with a list of those that I could remember based on the generation I was from. No offence to anyone in particular, but I just thought some were pretty funny!
How much can you relate to the below points?

1) I make sure you pay!
10 Years Ago: Parents would tell the school/tuition teachers "Feel free to teach my kid a lesson if he/she does not pay attention! You can cane him/her ah!"

Now: "*screams* YOU DARE TO LAY A FINGER ON MY KID, I'LL MAKE SURE YOU PAY FOR IT! #*($#(*&$#!! *lodges a complaint to MOE*

10 Years Ago: *Teacher threw chalk, markers, ruler, whiteboard dusters at student who wasn't paying attention*

Now: *Student takes out camera phone secretly from pocket and records a video/take a snapshot of the teacher to post on STOMP*

3) When being Anti-Social becomes a trend... ...
10 Years Ago: *Students laughed and played gleefully with five stones, zero-points and hop-scotch (probably the better ones would be found playing with board games such as Snake & Ladder) during recess hours* Ah, such luxury of life... ...

Now: *Students take out iPhone, iPad, tablets and gets engrossed in their own virtual world while updating their Facebook statuses*

4) Let's go steady!
10 Years Ago: 
*Guy A is interested in Girl A*
Guy A: Eh, want to go steady or not?
Girl A: *smiles shyly* So you want to be my stead ah?
Guy A: Steady, lah!
-And they are official-

*Guy A sends relationship request to Girl A*
*Girl A accepts relationship request*
*Latest Facebook update: Guy A is in a relationship with Girl A*
-And they are official-

5) When long letters become an instant message
10 Years Ago:
*Students wrote long letters on fanciful-looking papers and passed them to each other during available hours* Oh! The thrill of receiving letters and the anticipation to read them!

Now: *Students take out mobile phones and send instant messages using Chat applications*

6) My World and Yours are Different

10 Years Ago:
*Students talked their hearts out and gave full attention to one another while treasuring every moment they could*

Now: *Students take out their mobile phones and get engrossed in each of their separate world while still seated together*

7) Friends Forever!
10 Years Ago:
*Students bought different colored strings/threads to sell and made friendship bands* Aww, the sweetness of friendship...

Now: Let's have some Rainbow loom fun!

8) Write my diary!
10 Years Ago:
*Students passed a diary book to one another and requested friends to write in their diary using different colored pens*

*Anticipates a Facebook Wall post*

9) It's music!
10 Years Ago:
*Students showed off their Discman and listened to music with a CD loaded in it*

Now:  *Students log onto Youtube using their mobile phones and start surfing away*

10) Growing up...
10 Years Ago: (Okay, not really 10 years ago)


Okay, just to end this entry on a funny note. 
Happy Holiday, folks!

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