Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Chemical Peeling Journey - 2nd session with Dr Tyng Tan

After my first Chemical Peeling session (click here to read about it), I have returned for my 2nd one last week!
I know there are readers who have inquired about the prices, etc, so do read on if you would like to find out more at the end of this post!

There are more *juicy* photographs for you readers out there this time as I have brought a kind friend along who agreed to be my photographer of the day (Thank you!)

So here I am again for my 2nd visit to Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetic and Hair Clinic located at Ngee Ann City!

I hope I don't scare any of you off with my makeup-less face; but here goes - Yours truly getting ready for the Chemical Peeling session.

Dr Tyng Tan commented that my skin complexion has gotten better since my first treatment. I was showered with positive compliments from friends too so I am really thankful that Chemical Peeling works well for me!
Of course - I still have to go through a few more sessions to achieve the desired results.
Yes, I experienced stress for a short period and had mild outbreak since my first session.

Here's how the process actually looked like; which was not featured earlier in my first post as I went alone.
And this is Dr Tyng Tan's lovely assistant, Vivian (I love chatting with her! She's so friendly :)) , helping out with the basic cleansing of my face before the procedure:

Look at how focused she was! Haha.
(And I think I looked like I was in a damn relaxed state)

*cleanse* *cleanse*
Seriously, it indeed felt kinda' relaxing - as though I am in the midst of a facial session!

It was a speedy cleansing phase - and Dr Tyng Tan came into the room next to proceed on with my Chemical Peeling session!

Yes - Here's the professional Dr Tyng Tan at work! :)

Nope - The session hasn't begun yet.
It's just the preparatory stage.

LOL - The thought of having a smoother and brighter complexion again made me happy.

OK... Now it's starting...
(As it was my 2nd time, I was not feeling as nervous as my first since I somehow knew what to expect.)

I know this may probably look like a painful procedure, but trust me - It is not AT ALL from my personal perspective. 
Dr Tyng Tan was very thoughtful and cautious throughout the process ; and was continuously checking if I would experience any discomfort.

And yep - the whole Chemical Peeling process only lasted for a standard 2 minutes (Yes, there's not even enough time for you to fear or worry about!)
Before you know it, you are done with the session!

So what is my 2nd experience like?
I would say that I did feel itchiness on certain parts of my face after the procedure but they went away pretty quickly. (Around 5 - 10 minutes!)

Here's my face being "cleaned" up - Totally unedited:

And this photo is specially taken to show you how my face looked like immediately after the procedure - There was slight redness (especially on my forehead area) as pictured.
But I think it wasn't too bad, was it?

My friend caught a nice moment pic of Dr Tyng Tan and I in the midst of a chat!
Yeah, she's a very friendly lady!

Vivian was soon back to pat some sunblock on my face as I was heading out that day after the chemical peeling session.
(A tip that I learned from her: Never RUB sunblock on your face. Just pat gently on the surface area of your face so that it will remain as a protective layer instead of letting it ABSORB into your skin; which is wrong)

Yes, one thing about chemical peeling is that one cannot be exposed to the sun as much as possible! Other than that, I was able to resume to normal activities. *smiles in glee*
My friend commented that I didn't look disastrous or anything after the chemical peeling session too - so that was a plus point!

Now I'm officially done with my 2nd session!

So you might be wondering how my skin complexion looks like currently at Day 7 - Which I have just taken today!
Here's a close-up, totally unedited with only brightness enhancement due to the dim lighting.
Similarly like my previous session, it's not 100% flawless - but definitely a GREAT improvement to my skin complexion.
Somehow, I feel more confident going out with a naked face after my 2 Chemical Peeling sessions. Unlike the past, I was ALWAYS paranoid after being photographed without any make-up on. My skin would look so disastrous that I had to to some filtering  or editing to make it look look...erm..better.

Not exactly 100% obvious changes, but acne scars became apparently lighter and skin has a smoother complexion.   

So hey - I am really thankful to witness my skin coming to life again after those amazing chemical sessions. 
My skin did not experience much visible peeling (I guess that's a good thing throughout the downtime period of 5 days. However, I had to practice caution when going out (I purchased a sunblock of SPF 50+!) and carry an umbrella at all times. It sure doesn't help having such a super HOT weather (so HOT that it's bizarre) nowadays and I felt as though my skin is going to burn anytime. *paranoid*

And YES - I'll be answering questions that some of you have asked after I posted my first entry with regards to Chemical Peeling, which is the PRICE.
It's $150 per session, and there is no FIXED number of sessions that you must "sign up" for. (There are readers asking me if there are any special rates for packages as well. For that, you'll have to call the clinic at +65 62350010 to enquire more details about it if you are really determined to find out more!)

Different individuals experience different results - Some may be just contented with one session.
Of course, the most ideal option is to have Dr Tyng Tan access your skin condition before deciding on the number of sessions that your skin will require.

I'll be going for 5 sessions in total - So yeah, 3 more to go and I'm really excited about the results!
Of course, I will be blogging all of my sessions down on here.. So do check back my blog for my 3rd session! :)

If you would like to check out more on Chemical Peeling, do feel free to log on to:


  1. Hey Thanks for posting this review! May I know the price for 1 treatment including gst, consultation fee, afrer treatment cream etc.?? Btw does it work for red acne marks or just dries up existing acne? Thanks a lot. Yr reply would be invaluable (:

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