Sunday, 31 August 2014

What?! ZALORA is NOT a scam!

I remembered someone who once asked me "Is Zalora a scam?" (Yeah, apparently he had gotten a few Zalora vouchers from some promotional event and was doubtful of its credibility)

Being someone whom have had a pleasant experience with Zalora, I was quick to say "OF COURSE NOT! You should have seen them for yourself!"
It's not because I am a blogger that I experienced such great service (I shopped under them with a different alias), and I have non-blogger friends who absolutely love shopping at Zalora for their fashion needs as well!

 I have to admit I love and hate Zalora at the same time though. There were so many a time when I felt confident that I wouldn't be tempted by their products BUT ended up filling up my shopping cart which was intended to be empty.


Not to mention that being kiasu is also an important trait. I once came across a dress that I fell in love with and bookmarked it - only to discover that it was out of stock soon after. *grits teeth*

The Zalora website is always transforming with latest offers and updates:
(And now many GUYS love shopping at Zalora as they cater alot of products specifically for men too; unlike other shopping sites that offer mainly female clothings)

At least you know Zalora isn't sexist. LOL.

And Zalora has its own label!!!
Now that's definitely exclusive.

Some of the designs from their own label (Below $30!! Can you (#*%# believe it??!):

I would think its recommended if you shop at Zalora with your friends as there is FREE shipping over $40. Yes, so you don't have to pay a single cent to have the products delivered to your house!
Be prepared to spend hours or probably half a day to browse through their items though. There are simply TOO many, I repeat, TOO MANY (and I am not exaggerating) to choose from.
I no longer find physical shopping a MUST anymore because the choices at Zalora are so much more exquisite!!!

Do check out ZALORA SG now. If you haven't heard of them before (which I highly doubt so), it's time you should.


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  2. Ryan Eagle Scammer are everywhere! Some people are lucky if they know how to identify them, but a big regret for others who were once swindled by them or are about to be conned.