Sunday, 21 December 2014

[Review] Doraemon- Stand by me

I have been a HUGE fan (I repeat, a HUGE fan) of Doraemon since I was young. 
I remembered one of my favorite hangout places would be the bookstores, in which I would attempt to persuade my dad to purchase the comic books for me. (Those comic books were considered pretty expensive then - as it's priced at $4.50 per book)
Heck, I was such a fan that I read almost EVERY single existing chapter until I could almost memorize them.

Admittedly, my craze somehow subsided over the years as I got on with my studies. (Of course, I still love Doraemon!)
Little did I imagine that I would get the chance to catch it in the theaters (a.k.a "big screens") years later - and it was like a reunion with my childhood memory.

So you might be interested to know how I felt after watching the movie.
One word - "Awesome"

I LOVED every bit of it, despite the fact that I CRIED like a baby during certain parts of the movie (Mind you, I am usually not those that will shed tears in the cinema)
Although it is not considered a 3D movie with 3D glasses, but I have to say that the dimensional effects will make you go "WOW". If you are a Doraemon fan and have been reading the books, you would find the settings familiar. 
Seriously, the effects were so realistic at times that I had a hard time thinking they are actually not real.

I cried at those parts when Doraemon had to return to the future... It was apparent that he wanted to much to stay by Nobita's side (Both of them have developed a strong bond and friendship) but it was not possible for him to stay anymore.
The last night they spent together was so heartwarming... It was as though I was right there living with them.

Well, even aunties cried while they were watching the movie! (Don'y play play hor)

Kawaii ne!!

(Nobita doesn't really look like his usual 2D self, but it will do!)

And Shizuka is sooo beautiful! It's impossible for you not to go "Awww" when looking into those eyes...

Right.. Go catch it already if you haven't! I rate this movie a 9/10! A deduction of 1 point because it made me cry!!!! Urgh.

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