Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Going back in time... ....

Don't you wish that you could hop on a Time Machine and travel back to Yesteryear, even if its just for a day?
I am glad I was given the opportunity to turn my inspiration into reality for half a day. This was how I remember my Childhood to be - playing with five stones, marbles, country erasers, zero-point, blowing Bestman balloons, etc. Those were the simple little games that kept me happy and entertained throughout my years as a kid.

(I drew the stall "poster" from scratch! It wasn't easy, but I tried my best... Haha)

A Peko Bearbrick to match my theme, proudly sponsored (Okay, maybe I shouldn't say sponsor since it was only a rental for a few hours. HAHA) by one of my colleagues.
What a cute addition to my make-shift stall!

Just to clear things up, I was not actually really setting up a stall for business. =P It was specially created in-line with the event so everyone who attended could get goodies from my mama store... FOR FREE!!

Childhood snacks...
I love the Mamee packets! They still taste as great as ever.

Jellies, winpops lollis, eyeglass chocolates, Ding Dang, anyone???!

We had a segment that included blowing Bestman Balloons. Remember those yellow mini straws that you could use to blow transparent bubbles with? Yep, that's right. One of my favorite child's play when I was a kid. Unfortunately, the quality of the products seemed to have decreased- with the packets becoming thinner. Hmph. *grunts*

We even had a superbly cute mini cotton candy machine as a bonus - which one of my colleagues kindly rented us as well.

Okay, it can't really produce those large cotton candies that you see outside, but mini-sized ones that are enough to keep one entertained, lah. I would say it is meant for kids, but we still had fun with it nonetheless! Don't say I never share, it can be purchased from Qoo10 at a deal price of $39.90 only. HAHA.

A random selfie insertion here... Because I feel like it:

Does this scene reminds you of trading cards? We made them ourselves! :) They were meant to be used as power cards for our game segments.

Seriously, life was so much more simpler then - as compared to the world today. 
As much as I appreciate the wonders of Technology and inventions that changed the world, somehow there's something about the simple life we led then that makes it irreplaceable.
Granted that there was no mobile phone, no Internet, no Facebook and even BLOG (lol), I personally feel that human interactions were less complex and so much more genuine.

Games were no longer physical, but through electronics. Humans became lazy to interact - Physical meet-ups have transformed into webcam sessions at the comfort of their own homes. 
Writing long letters have transformed into SMS/WhatsApp messages and e-mails.
Humans no longer seem to appreciate the importance of physical presence as they keep themselves occupied with their phones despite being next to each other. (Sadly, this is a commonly-seen situation that is happening everywhere)
So much difference between then and now.

As we move on in life, the past can only remain as part of a memory etched in our minds. Those were priceless moments that we would never be able to get back.

If there's a time machine, would I choose to go back in time?
Yes, I will.

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