Sunday, 4 October 2015

The many patterns of Selfies

Taking selfies has always been the trend. Everywhere- almost EVERYWHERE -it is not hard to spot someone aiming a phone at himself/herself on the streets.

Or one may also see tons of selfies on Facebook as well. 
(I always wonder why people can upload so many selfies of the same poses. *rolls eyes*)

Of course, I can't criticize much as I am guilty of taking selfies as well - AND I shall demonstrate a few pattern-more-than-badminton expressions since I had too much time on my hands while taking this series of selfies:

The "show-teeth" smile selfie:

I would say smiling selfies are more decent, as compared to other irritating expressions (which I will demonstrate later). Of course, playing with angles is important as well. Tilting your head 45 degrees and aiming your phone at a higher position will give the "fake" impression that your face looks, erm, angular and slimmer.. I suppose. Oh, and don't forget the super bright lighting to shine on the side of your face so you look more like a dreamgirl.

The "close-mouth" smile selfie:

Not showing any teeth because your teeth ain't straight or probably you think you look better with mouth closed. I used to smile without teeth in photos but I realized it makes me look... unnatural in some ways. 
Oh well, not everyone can pull off the same smile, I guess.

The "act-innocent" selfie:

Alamak, how old liao still want to act innocent? But I guess girls just like to be associated with... innocence. Or the look that can make anyone go "Awww.." so you can get away with anything.
 Just give that lip of yours a little pout and you are good to go.


OH MY GOODNESS, I can't stand it whenever girls do such expressions in selfies. (Me included) There is always a tendency to that in selfies when you run out of "ideas" - but please do not KEEP TO THAT EXPRESSION throughout ALL your selfies. 
Do you think that kind of face will make you look cuter in all photos? One or two is fine, but ALL?! You must be kidding. It gives one the urge to slap your cheeks to deflate them.

Pattern more than badminton. Duh.

Okay, I guess I'm done with this really random post. Disclaimer: I'm not an expert in taking selfies, but just thought I would like to share some of the commonly-seen selfie expressions here. 
If you feel offended in any way, I assume you are guilty. LOL.

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