Sunday, 14 August 2016

[Event] Fancy a Domino's Awesome 4-Some?!

If you think being a blogger is is easy, I'll tell you it isn't because I have to control my saliva (excuse me for sounding disgusting) while blogging about FOOD.
And don't say I did not warn you for clicking in to read this entry because you are most likely going to salivate as well.

With major thanks to The Influencer Network and Domino's Pizza for the event invitation (my stomach says thanks too), I was able to taste a new wonderful combination of my favorites from Domino's Pizza. (Do read on to find out more!)

Honestly, I was already a fan of Domino's Pizza since ages ago, so having the opportunity to taste their new launch is truly an honor!

I went down to the venue (Domino's Pizza @ Kovan branch) with an almost empty stomach after work. 
An easily accessible place from Kovan MRT!!

Some of the below images are courtesy of The Influencer Network. Thank you for capturing so many beautiful photos!

If you are still wondering what is this "Awesome 4-Some" I have been talking about, here it is: -

Open the box to reveal the goodies that await...

My eyes sparkled when they revealed the contents inside the box.

If you are an avid Domino's fan like me too, I am sure you would recognize them. 
YES, they have now "combined power" to bring you the full satisfaction of having the best of FOUR worlds. LOL.

But what got me so excited is the fact that they indeed used to be my favorite sides - and now I can have them all in a box! Whoever came up with this idea, THANK YOU! Haha.
Here are the 4 tasty sides, if you haven't know already:-

1) Cheesy Mozzaralla Stix - 100 PERCENT Mozzarella Cheese wrapped in a CRISPY CRUST topped with Mozzarella cheese, baked to a GOLDEN PERFECTION.

2) Mini Cinadots - (I think the name of this is so cute!) Delightful Mini Cinadots that are sprinkled with cinnamon and complemented with icing sugar for a sweet treat. Honestly, I am not a cinnamon lover but I somehow enjoyed this. The cinnamon is not too overpowering and the sweetness is just right!

3) Golden Roasted Drummets - My ALL-TIME favorite at Domino's. Seriously. If you are a drummets lover and have yet to taste these, YOU SURE ARE MISSING OUT. These are well-seasoned, tender and juicy roasted chicken drummets. No, I am not exaggerating.

4) Garlic Cheese Onion Rings - Savor the taste of cheesy, garlicky golden rings made with 100% REAL onions and baked to a tender crisp.

Sorry ah, they are mine, MINE, MINE. *grabs*

Haha, I have no idea who made this - but it's so freaking cute! The tasty sides spread...

 I am seriously impressed with Domino's for coming up with such selections. Customers like us no longer need to be spoilt for choice anymore!

And yes, you can choose to order this tasty four-in-one box as a snack on its own or even best completing with the 2 Pizza Deals from Domino's Pizza!

And that's not all. It is currently available for sale at an Introductory Price of SGD$15 (Usual Price: $22.20), with NO delivery charge.

How shiok is that?! Having it delivered to your doorstep!!

Back to the event, Domino's is so kind to treat us to their other signature selections too - A real treat for all of us attending bloggers!

If you are one who haven't tried Domino's before, mai tu liao... Seriously.

Enjoying the food and companion with the other influencers! It was so nice getting to meet new friends!
(Hope to see you girls in other events soon!)

It was a feast. We had the Awesome 4-Some and loads of drummets!

We were even treated to delicious meatballs (However, they contain beef so I only ate a little of it)

And this is a MUST mention. I ALWAYS have this whenever I dine in at Domino's.

Chocolate Lava cake.

It is not my first time blogging about this and I am still HIGHLY raving it.
If you are a chocolate lover, you must must must must must must must try this else it's a lifetime regret!
I literally screamed "OH MY GOD" when I tried it for the first time years back. 
Poke your spoon in and experience the WARM chocolate bursting like a volcano eruption.

It was a really fun event meeting other fellow influences while tasting all the goodness at Domino's.
And all of you out there are definitely not forgotten as well!

For being such an avid reader, here's an EXTRA bonus for you guys out there -

-Quote “TIN2R” for 2 Regular Pizza + $1 Off Awesome 4-Some
-Quote “TIN2L” for 2 Large Pizza + $2 Off Awesome 4-Some
-Quote “TIN2XL” for 2 X-tra Large Pizza + $3 Off Awesome 4-Some

Offer is valid for Online Order (, Call Centre (62226333) and Over the Counter. Coupon valid from 6 Aug – 7 Sept 2016. #dominossg #awesome4some

Here's a fun contest that you can join to win exciting prizes for yourself as well!

"Be A National Day Pizza Patriot" Contest (1st - 31st August 2016)

Just simply upload a photo of yourself sharing Domino's Pizza like a Pizza Patriot, a person who defends the right to share pizza! (Haha, personally I find the whole concept VERY creative)

For every 51 photos uploaded, bigger and better prizes will be unlocked for all of Singapore. You could even unlock up to 50% off on your next trip to Domino's and that's not even the grand mystery prize!

Here's an illustration guide of the pose, courtesy of Domino's Pizza.

Like this loh: -
(You can come up with your own creative poses!!)

Ok, what are you guys waiting for?! Go along now and participate in the fun activities. 

Here's a good luck charm that you can print out- Just kidding.


  1. Mouth watering food. Dominos is my favorite and the Lava Cake looks yummy. Perfect for a food lover. I have decided to star my own food blog after watching this

  2. You just made me hungry. After watching this blog i cant ressist to order a pizz and paratha rolls from dominos because i also am a good fan of domino's pizzas. They are too delicious.