Sunday, 15 July 2018

[Review] Online Durian Delivery?! LEGIT OR NOT?!

Attention to all durian lovers out there: RED ALERT
Just be warned. This post is not for the faint-hearted.

I am a mega HUGE, HUMUNGOUS, GIGANTIC fan of durians.
(Yes, I am those kind that will wait for durian seasons to enjoy the great taste of durians. I am sure fellow durian lovers can relate to this, right?!)

When I had the opportunity to review durians from Durian Delivery, it got me really excited and hyped.

Initially, I was very surprised - I have been very much of a shopaholic online and would often shop for products ranging from beauty items, houseware, etc .... And never have I imagined that one can even shop for DURIANS now. 

The first thing that caught my attention was their line stated on the website
"Freshly plucked durians delivered straight from the farm"

What impressed me most is the source of their durians.
As stated on their page: (You may feel free to head down to their website to understand more about the origins of their durians, too)

"Our trucks coming from Malaysia are a dedicated durian delivery fleet. These drivers are trained to pick up durians, and speed all the way down from our plantation to our packing area in Singapore with no other stops. While our drivers are driving at maximum speed, safety is of the utmost importance to us."

It's like a direct source from the trees and into your mouth within hours.

(Note to the efficient drivers: But please do be careful on the road, okay?! While delivering fresh durians to customers are important, SAFETY first!!!)

After an arrangement with Durian Delivery, the durians were delivered straight to my doorstep at night.

They really did deliver at the fastest speed!

I was VERY impressed by the tightly-sealed packaging.

It has ZERO smell at all - Literally nothing.
To the extent that you can even place it in your bag safely without any tinge of smell at all.
Not a single worry that you won't be able to take public transport without smelling like a walking durian, too. 

After taking some photos, it's time to reveal the contents...
Once I tore open the seal, the STRONG fragrant scent of durians filled my whole 3-room flat with immediate effect.

Please do take note that ALL of my durian photos are totally UNFILTERED for utmost accuracy.

Here's a close-up:


I touched the first small piece - The texture was kinda' firm (not soft and slimy type).

Time to take a bite.

(Pardon the bad shadow)

I am not trying to exaggerate here, but I almost SQUEALED with delight. 
I was expecting the durian to be hard, but to my utmost amazement.... It was SUPER (NOTE: SUPER, REALLY SUPPPPERRR!!!) soft, creamy and juicy at the same time once my teeth sank into it. 


It was an explosion of rich durian taste in my mouth - and I was struggling to find the exact adjective to describe how good it was. Being a durian lover who has tasted countless of durians before, I have to say that this is simply the definition of what a premium durian sensation is like.

The taste: -
I was greeted by a surge of sweetness during my first few bites, and the taste steadily transitioned to a tinge of bitterness, forming a pleasant bittersweet experience - Totally perfect for people like me who enjoy both the sensation of bitter and sweetness in durians.

Honestly, I am not going to see durians the same way again. I have known durians can taste good, but  this has far exceed my expectations by heaps and bounds. 

My dad isn't exactly a durian lover but his first bite took him by surprise, too. His first word was a simple "WAH" and he commented that this isn't the "typical" durian that he tasted before. 

The price may be a bit on the higher side ($27.90 for 400g) , but trust me - If you are a LEGIT durian lover, you will feel that this is really worthy once you've taken your first bite. Just ONE bite and you will have your verdict.

There is NO WAY... NO WAY that durian lovers will dismiss this.

If this isn't premium quality, I don't know what else is. Pardon me if I have to break into Singlish... but HIGH LEVEL THIS ONE AH.

There are many other varieties of durians on their website to suit different individual's taste, too, ranging at different prices!
(such as the normal Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn, etc)

The ones that I had for this review were TSW durians. (Hand-picked Old Tree MSW durian!) 

You can read more about the durians HERE (I find it really captivating to read!)

You've been warned. 

All it takes is just to try it once for yourself to see the difference between them and the usual durians!

Other than their main website at Durian Delivery , They can be reachable via WhatsApp too at 93874394 or e-mail address at: 

THANK YOU, DURIAN DELIVERY! My durian season experience is made awesome because of you! :)

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