Wednesday, 23 April 2014

[Review] Groupon deal: Vellus Hair Studio - GOOD or BAD?

As I'll be flying off to Taiwan pretty soon with the intention to have my hair permed (I have even made a booking with the salon two months before!), I decided to give my hair some nourishment and pampering in Singapore first.

As some of you may or may not realize, I have been a "Groupon deals hunter" lately, so much so that I am starting to be worried as I keep spending money on deals!!! (Heck, I really enjoyed those deals so far, especially those massage/spa ones)

I came across this one day while I was searching for hair treatment deals:

Vellus Hair Studio
Seriously, I have never heard of them before. (I guess Groupon is one of the ways for merchants to gain more awareness about their business?)
As the price was kinda attractive (Only $18 for Boce Hair Treatment + Wash + Blow), I thought I would give it a try.
Furthermore, the venue was located quite conveniently near Tanjong Pagar MRT. Definitely worth checking out!
Not to mention that I have my BFF going with me as well and we'll be trying out their services together! =D

Took a pic of myself before heading there. My hair was in such a terrible state that I had to wear my cap!

Unfortunately, I did not capture any photograph during the journey since I didn't intend to blog about it, but later changed my mind after the hair treatment (You will see why later).

I was taken aback by the salon's interior when I first set my foot in. In all honesty, it is a salon that does not look like a salon AT ALL. I was expecting to see some kind of standard salon chairs neatly lined in a row - but trust me, you will not believe your eyes when you see it for yourself. Unlike most salons, Vellus Hair Studio provides you all the privacy and comfort you'll need. Yes, you heard it right - You will have ONE room all to yourself. 

So.. Basically, you can sleep, shake your leg, dig your nose, scratch your armpit for all you need - Nobody is there to watch (... Except the hairstylist, of course. LOL) Sorry, I'm just disgusting this way. Hahaha.

This was the first time I experienced such VIP treatment. Not to mention that Vellus Hair Studio works differently, too.

Instead of just plunging straight into cutting your hair or those standard one-liners, they will give you a briefing about hair scalp and a customized hair analysis of your scalp/hair condition! Using a micro device, you will be able to see a 1000% close-up of your own scalp and hair on a TV screen (which I thought was kinda' disgusting to the extent that I felt I had goosebumps).

It felt weird at the same time knowing that it is YOUR own scalp/hair that the screen is featuring. Seriously, my scalp condition was kinda' horrible as there were jelly-like substances clouding all over my scalp area and oil clogs. Those were so micro that they were not apparent to our naked eyes at all - unless using their micro device which I thought was amazing. 

Sorry that I did not take any picture at all during the process (I regretted much!) to show the before/after treatment as I did not expect myself to be blogging about it.

As my Groupon voucher was only for hair treatment, I topped up an additional $74 (It was originally $148 but we could have the 50% discount due to being a first-time customer) to try out their scalp treatment. (Note: I topped up on my own accord. I'm impressed that there was no hard-selling on their side at all)

If you were to ask me, I doubted the effectiveness of the treatment AT FIRST as I have never done scalp treatment before. I was actually convinced by the hairstylist's confidence in making my hair better after the treatment.... and GOSH, she really worked her magic in bringing my badly damaged hair back to life.
I do not have any before/after picture, but I did camwhore abit using my mobile phone during the process. 

Here's a random pic of the recommended cranberry tea that was served to us. (Plus point added for having such a service) The tea was nice!

While it was my BFF's turn for her treatment, I camwhored again:

And another using my camera. 

Mind you, I am not lying and neither am I affiliated with them in any way - so I earn nothing from advertising for them. I AM PURELY SHARING MY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE because it worked for me, and definitely worth a try if you are looking for a different-than-normal salon.
It may sound unbelievable, but you will be amazed at how different a treatment will make your hair look! 

You will even be given the chance to witness the effects of the treatment as the hairstylist will use the micro device to show you the results before and after. No kidding here, but majority of my oil clogs were gone. My scalp looks like a stranger's. LOL. At the same time, you can really FEEL a cleaner and softer scalp after the treatment physically. Just use your hands and reach out for your scalp. 

They do have a package for us to consider, but I did not sign up for it as I am starting to feel the pinch in my pockets. It was a real shame as I LOVE their services, and probably I'll return again when they have future promotions. I am not so much of a package-person... So.. Yeah.

But I am thankful to have found this salon through Groupon. I have always hated merchants that resort to hard-selling customers after they have purchased the deals to top up and stuff, but be rest assured that Vellus Hair Studio will not do that. That is one of the factors why I am impressed as well.

The staff were very friendly as well, and they were so kind to lend me their lighting for photo-taking purpose! :)

Here's a sneak peak of my OOTD (and my hair after the treatment) - If you like the dress I am wearing, do keep a lookout for my upcoming advertorial that I'll be doing for the online store! :)
I'll feature more photos soon!

P/S: I received positive comments the next day regarding my hair and how much better it is looking now. It made me a happy girl because I have never expected this!

Since sharing is caring, here's their address:

83A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, Singapore 088504


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    2. Hi AgentG.
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