Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Photoshoot with my Shreky!

It has been some time since I last had a photoshoot (Not that my current photoshoot is an official one anyway), but it is more like a fun and special one.

So... Why is it special, you ask?

I totally LOVE the selfie concept that is incorporated in the studio. In other words, there is NO photographer present at all.
Yes, no more excuses of being camera-shy! For all you know, you may end up loving the experience.

You are your OWN photographer with a handheld remote control that can be easily hidden or camouflaged if you know how.

 You are allowed the whole studio to yourself to go crazy with poses without being paranoid that there will be anyone laughing at you.

That's me with my shreky - It was her first time going for such photoshoots and we had lots of fun!

There were different various types of props and wigs as well that we played around with - Here's one of the crazier shots (Her expression is epic here!) Haha

I know what you are thinking there - No. I am straight. Straight as a ruler, ok?

But that doesn't stop me from loving my shreky nonetheless.
(We are "legally" married on Facebook afterall! LOL)

We took approximately 200+ over shots - but I can't possibly post them all here.
Anyway, thank you so much for the fun experience! I love the fact that the photos are all burned to a disc at the end of the session (It's FREE!) and we can have each and every shot taken- be it good or bad.

Photoshoots can be lots of fun with the right people!

Thank you to my laopo Shreky for the session! :) I hope you love the photographs as much as I do too!

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